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Rishi Kapoor-RIP a soulful character

Rishi Kapoor-RIP to the departed soul

Rishi Kapoor will always be in our memory through his characters.

It is said that you cannot distance a true artist from his art even at the time of his death. The art of an artist becomes his soul. Rishi Kapoor was one of such great artist who always lives with the art living in his soul.

Nowadays, every morning starts with the news of death. News of actor Irrfan Khan’s death came on Wednesday and news of Rishi Kapoor’s death came on Thursday. Rishi Kapoor was 67 years old and, like Irrfan Khan, was suffering from cancer. Rishi Kapoor’s departure is definitely painful
But his life and death are the stories of the complete journey of a true artist. Rishi Kapoor was a true entertainer, that is, he entertained people throughout his life and he did not leave his art even at the end o his life.
Rishi Kapoor’s family issued a message after his death, according to the staff of the hospital, Rishi Kapoor kept laughing and entertaining them till the last time. It is said that you cannot distance a true artist from his art even at the time of his death. The art of an artist becomes his soul. Even after the end of life, an artist becomes immortal on his own art.

Rishi Kapoor Felicitation by Rajyvardhan rathore
Rishi Kapoor Felicitation award by Rajyvardhan rathore

Rishi Kapoor was a very lively person. Both Rishi Kapoor and Arun Jaitley(former finance minister of the country) were suffering from cancer. Last year, Arjit Jaitley was also undergoing treatment at the hospital in New York, where Rishi Kapoor was admitted. Rishi Kapoor used to make Arun Jaitley laugh a lot during treatment in New York. Arun Jaitley died in August last year. And Rishi Kapoor also left the world on Thursday.

It was people’s craze towards Rishi Kapoor that during the Emergency in 1977, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi telecasted her famous film Bobby on Doordarshan only to prevent people from attending the rally of Jai Prakash Narayan, the opponent of Indira Gandhi. Though The film was released in 1973, Bobby was broadcast on Doordarshan at the exact time the rally was scheduled for.
When Rishi Kapoor came into the movies .. Then there was a storm of Angry Young Man in Hindi cinema .. But Rishi Kapoor also made his identity as a romantic hero in that era, He was Charming, i.e. he knew to woo people. In the era when actors like Amitabh Bachchan were presenting stories of anger, revenge and conflict, Rishi was teaching romance lessons to people in his style.
Rishi Kapoor kept his charm for years and when he stopped playing romantic hero roles, he prepared himself for a new era of cinema. Rishi Kapoor was not afraid of the challenges..so serious illness like cancer did not break his spirits till the last moment.

Rishi Kapoor Old family archive
Old family archive

The essence of Rishi Kapoor’s life is – as he too never turned his back on hard work and his honesty towards work has never decreased.
A film came in 1977 – the name of the film was Amar Akbar Anthony. In this film, Amar’s character was played by Vinod Khanna, Akbar was played by Rishi Kapoor and Anthony was played by Amitabh Bachchan. Referring to this famous trio of Hindi cinema, a film by Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor, which came in 2018, Vinod Khanna was missing. The name of this film was 102 Not Out. It featured Amitabh Bachchan as Rishi Kapoor’s father.

The Rishi Kapoor who loved being social was so much more .. More people could not attend his last visit due to social distancing. This is the great irony and paradox of life, that this same Rishi Kapoor got angry at this thing three years ago, when some big film stars did not reach the death of actor Vinod Khanna.
It is a tragedy of the Corona era that if the person who has crores of fans, the fans are not able to reach even their last family members to give their last farewell.
There were only 20 people to give a final farewell to Rishi Kapoor. Similarly, there were only 12 people in Irfan Khan’s funeral on Wednesday. Irfan Khan himself could not attend the funeral of his mother, who died four days before Irfan died. It is also a coincidence that even Rishi Kapoor could not attend his mother’s funeral. His mother died in October 2018, when he was undergoing his treatment for cancer in New York.

with wife Neetu singh
Rishi Kapoor with wife Neetu singh

Rishi Kapoor’s family has been associated with the film industry for almost 100 years. None of them ever entered politics. Rishi Kapoor also had nothing to do with politics, but he was not hesitant to speak. This was the most important thing that he used to speak outright. He was not afraid of anyone. He had no attachment to politics, nor did he crave any position.

On April 2, he tweeted and appealed to the people not to throw stones and violence at doctors, nurses, medical staff, and policemen. Because to save you these people risk their lives. He wrote that we must win this corona war together.
Now think a person who was fighting a disease like cancer, he did not stop thinking about the country even in his last days. It is unfortunate that before Corona won India in the war, Rishi Kapoor lost his life in the war of life.

 getting award from Prakash Jadvekar
Getting award from Prakash Jadvekar

We can learn from the life of Rishi Kapoor that you should never turn your back on the truth and whatever is in your heart should be on your tongue. He was never hesitant to speak openly on any issue. He was so positive that even after being diagnosed with cancer in 2018, and even while undergoing treatment, he never let him know how big a battle he was fighting for life. He himself used to laugh and make others laugh too. Learn from Rishi Kapoor’s positives
The special thing of Rishi Kapoor was that he was honest in relationships. He used to talk straight and clear and did not hesitate to admit mistakes. After marriage, his wife Neetu Singh had retired from films, while she was one of the top actresses of the time.He admitted that he was propser of man dminence in this society.

The other special thing of Rishi Kapoor was that he was among the people who understood the truth of life. He lived his life on his own terms. When he came to know that his era as an actor was gone, he distanced himself from films.
He was original. Neither did he allow his father Raj Kapoor’s style to dominate himself, nor did he copy Amitabh Bachchan, the biggest star of his time. He was not Amitabh Bachchan …. He did not want to become Amitabh Bachchan. He was Rishi Kapoor and wanted to be Rishi Kapoor’s.

आप बधाई के पात्र है

Rishi Kapoor placed Nation love on top. He always talked about the interest of the country and wanted to change the system for this as well. Rishi Kapoor openly supported Prime Minister Narendra Modi … considered him a strong Prime Minister and a global leader. Rishi Kapoor did not care what people would say .. Often film stars do not allow their political choices to be revealed … But Rishi Kapoor was not like this. Rishi Kapoor never shied away from revealing his likes and dislikes … nor did he feel any shame in saying Bharat Maa Ki Jai.

Once again we salute actors who have left many impressions of their art and personality in the hearts of millions of Indians.

1st may Labor day
1st may Labor day-Greetings and well wishes from Fotokart-India ki shop

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