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Be our contributors
Be our contributors

If you are interested in writing content, blog. poetic poetry, in whatever language it may be, you can choose the “Baat Apne desk Ki ” to publish your art. Baat Apne desh Ki provides a platform to all writers, thinkers, poets, artists of our country to share their point of view, thought and contents. Not only this, but our editor team also optimizes the content you send, design the cover image of the published article, reaches its trusted readers through its social platform and digital networking.

After the article is published, we also share the link of the article. The article is published in your user account only. Your Literary Introduction, Award, Achievement etc. update in your profile so that the readers associated with you can take your information as well as our aim is not only to publish your articles but also to spread your profile to readers. Our aim is to increase your fan circle. Talk about our country,or any other country, foreign related matter.policy,contemporary write ups, related articles on the events of history are welcome.

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If you want, you can also monetize your blog content. Yes, we have tie-up from Fotocons company. And you can also share a referral link with your article by connecting to Fotocons’ affiliate program.
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