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RIP Irfan. You were indeed special

Irfan RIP-Immortal legend

Irrfan Khan gave ‘Never give up” formula to all of us. !!RIP Irfan. You were indeed special.
It is what defines a legend !!!

Life is not short, in fact, we start living late. by the time the path is understood, there is a time for the traveller to return.”

If you look closely at the life of Irrfan Khan, you will understand that he wrote his own destiny. Such people never die, such people always live. His great work makes him immortal.
Famous actor Irrfan Khan has died at the age of 53, but today we will try to understand what is his death? Is this destiny or a technical flaw in his body? Was the date of his death fixed with the birth of Irrfan Khan or was an illness halted his journey prematurely?

Irfan Khan-RIP
Irfan Khan-You will be remembered for years

This technical flaw in the body of Irrfan Khan, ie, the disease was called Endo-Crine Tumour. It is a rare disease. There is a risk of getting this disease in one in a lakh people. That is, you will have to be very unfortunate to die from this disease. If you look closely at the life of Irrfan Khan, you will understand that he wrote his own destiny.

Such people never die, such people always live. His great work makes him immortal. It cannot be said when a human will be immortalized in the laboratories of science, but Irfan has taught us one way of becoming immortal in the laboratory of life and that way is to make life a colour platform and make theatre like life and accept it.

Spiritual Guru Osho once said that a person should live his life as if he is acting and an actor should act as if he is living a life. Irfan Khan has gone from our midst by doing the same. He knew the basics of acting but he also had a good grasp on important aspects of life.

Irfan Khan-Different acting mood
Irfan Khan-Different acting mood a versatile actor

Today, Irfan’s death has drawn our attention to another truth and that truth is that nothing will remain the same after the corona virus epidemic. Neither life will be the same nor will the practices of death be performed as before.

Only 12 people attended Irfan Khan’s funeral. It is said that what you have earned in your life is known by looking at the number of people coming to your funeral, but only 12 people could come in Irfan Khan’s funeral who got immense acting capital. Millions of people paid tribute to him on social media. Those who paid tribute to Irrfan Khan on social media ranged from the country’s President and Prime Minister to the common people.
The strange irony is that only 4 days ago his mother also died and he could not attend his mother’s funeral because of the lockdown. He saw his mother’s funeral on the mobile phone itself.

Irfan was an original actor, he never copied anyone. That is, your originality can also make you immortal and death of the person living with originality can not spoil anything.

Irfan Khan-RIP
Irfan Khan-RIP the legend like him never born again

One important thing associated with Irfan Khan’s personality was that he was open-minded, disliked the fundamentalists, and talked about moving away from orthodox thinking. Even he refused to do such a role many times, in which he believed that this role portrayed his image as a fundamentalist or religious person. Irfan’s full name is Sahebzade Irfan Ali Khan, but he had removed the word Sahebzada from his name in the beginning and used to write only Irfan Khan. Later, he had also removed Khan surname from his name and used to write his name only Irfan. Irfan had angered Muslim fundamentalists a few years back when he questioned the practise of sacrificing animals on Bakrid. Irfan was a vegetarian, but his father used to say that a Brahmin has been born in the Pathan family.

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Crores of people paying tribute to Irfan saw him not as a Muslim, but as an artist and the artist is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. When news of Irrfan Khan’s demise came, one or two hashtags were trending on Twitter, remembering him. Irfan was being remembered in all the top 10 trends of India on Twitter and more than 81 thousand tweets were tweeted during the day.

So few people get such a spectacular final farewell. This is also proof of our secularism, in which Irfan is seen as Irfan. There was a time when Mohammad Yusuf Khan had to be named Dilip Kumar to succeed in Bollywood. Hamid Ali Khan became Ajit. Mumtaz Jahan was known as Madhubala. Mahazbeen Bano had to be named Meena Kumari. Badruddin Jamaluddin had become Johnny Walker and Syed Ishtiaq Ahmed Jagdeep, but Irfan khan had not been changed to any Hindu name;


pan singh tomar-lead role of Irfan
RIP Irfan -Lead role of Irfan Khan-Pan singh Tomar

There are about 80 per cent Hindus and 14 per cent Muslims in India, yet people do not see Hindu-Muslims among the artists. People know the artists by their real names and they want them by their real names, so no one in the world can question the religious freedom of India. But the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) has questioned India’s religious freedom and compared India with countries like China, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, North Korea in this case. . Anyway, America’s status is no longer so powerful that everything said by its institutions should be taken seriously.

Although some people in our country are still stuck in the fascination of western countries and the things said in western countries affect many people of India, but whether the institutions of these countries praise or criticize us, it does not matter. . We do not want to give any special importance to the report of such institutions.

Remembering Irrfan Khan, Always Cool In Every Medium
RIP Irfan Khan -cool always

Although no artist has any religion, Irfan Khan was a Muslim by birth and he tried to understand the spirituality hidden in all religions. Irfan Khan used to say that you can refine your soul only through your actions. That is, the honesty taken towards the work you are doing can only give you real ‘moksha’. Irrfan Khan was the original actor.

In the end, we can see that the artists of such calibre re rarely born on this earth and their memory will remain in the hearts and minds of people for years. We once again salute such a departed soul with full reverence. RIP Irfan

Rishi Kapoor-RIP a soulful character

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