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Some Interesting Start-up Ideas for 2021

Some Interesting Start-up Ideas for 2021

Is it the right time to start a business?

Well, if this is the question you are asking yourself then the answer is ‘anytime is the right time to start a venture’. The only thing one needs to keep in mind is the choice of business.

Today, when the world is suffering from this Pandemic people have no job security. In a survey, it is found that 25% of people have already lost their jobs on account of this pandemic. Practically speaking, in near future too there is no assurance of new job opportunities. In these testing times of pandemic and economic downfall, one thinks of playing safe. We prefer to keep our money and time safe and risk-free. Contrary to this popular belief, numerous business ideas can opt-in to these testing times. We know that business is all about an idea and this pandemic has opened various new opportunities that if chosen wisely can lead to success. Many low-cost, low-investment start-up ideas can be chosen fearlessly.

Interesting Start-up Ideas

Online education E learning

  1. Online education 

One thing that has come up with high demand in 2020/2021 is Online Education. During the pandemic, children, as well as adults, have shown a good interest in online learning. Online education is not restricted to formal education rather it has a wide range of areas and courses available now. Nowadays, it is more focused on skills learning which helps a person in growing as an individual.

If a person has sound knowledge of an area or skill, he/she can start online classes for the same. It is one of the minimum cost start-ups and its success depends upon your knowledge and hard work. We can take examples of skills like painting, dancing, cooking, singing etc. Even we can provide online classes for particular business skills that we have mastered during all these years of work. So, why wait, just go on! 

  • Blogging

If you love to write about the things you are good at and if you want to share your knowledge with everyone else, then it is for you.

Blogging can easily be started as a business using website builders like WordPress. For success in blogging key requirements are consistency and quality. Readers follow you for your consistent, informative, entertaining, good quality content on a selected genre that educates them. For example, if you have an interest and knowledge about gardening, you can easily start writing about the same by providing information, gardening tips and sharing your long-earned experiences. It may take a little time but blogging becomes a profitable business after a certain period. So, what are you waiting for, start writing!

Today every business is connected with social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest etc. This makes it a vast area to manage for a business.

  • Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager takes the responsibility of administering a company’s social media. Their profession includes monitoring and replying to the comments of readers. This certainly is a responsible job as social media is all about followers and managing them by fulfilling the valid demand and always keeping it as a priority.

  • YouTube Channel

This again is a low investment or zero investment business idea. All you need is expertise in an area about which you can make videos and educate people. Once your viewership grows the monetization starts and you can make money out of that.

In the YouTube channel, making money takes some time as it is all about getting a good number of subscribers and viewers. But with the right stuff, quality, consistency and dedication one can easily monetize it in some time.

Watch this you tube video

  • Game or Entertainment

Over 50% of India’s population is below the age of 25. This data gives the hope of a big gaming market in India. One can generate revenue by targeting this market and serving them with new innovative gaming ideas.

Besides that, one can start a gaming zone for the customers. Youth or adults can use these gaming zones to play games on an hourly basis. This is again a low–cost business idea that can be turned into a profitable one in a very short time.

  • Health Club

The year 2020 and 2021 has drawn the attention of people towards health and well-being. Worldwide people are getting more aware and conscious about not only physical health but mental and spiritual health as well. It gives a wide opportunity to professionals who are good at serving holistic wellness to society. We can provide a holistic development program with customized and personalized plans. It can include Gym, Yoga, Meditation, Diet plan and even Spa too to serve a complete wellness program in one place. In the current scenario, we can provide these services online too (except spa)

  • Food Truck or Takeaway

The food business is one of the most profit-generating businesses. It demands good quality food and the finest services. In today’s time home delivery services, food trucks and takeaways are the best ways of providing delicious food. It reduces the cost as well. As in India food business is full of competition, we need to come up with new ideas for food items and keep the quality intact. For example, we can serve food items fulfilling the demand for nutritious, wholesome food like low-carb food, diet-food, a variety of salads etc.


There are various prospects and many more new ideas for establishing yourself as an entrepreneur. One needs to focus on the skills and interest areas. Choose the business of your interest that aligns with your abilities. Implement the idea with dedication and get ready to make money.

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