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Tablighi Jamat Incidence-A Question marks on social values ​​and sensibilities

Tablighi Jamaat-A shamefull incidence

Nobody thought that a phase would come when men will become enemy of men The religion which showed the man the path of humanity the same religion will make a man so cruel. The time has shown the unbelievable insensitivity and inhumanness of the so-called religious leaders and their followers. If any power becomes directionless then it is destructive but if it is given the right direction, it proves to be creative. Perhaps that’s why the Prime Minister called on all the countrymen to light a lamp together on 5 April, which also got the full support of the entire countrymen.

Those who are trying to find a scientific answer to the Prime Minister’s move in India’s fight with Corona may be disappointed because science still does not have answers to many questions. Yes, but it is possible that the energy emanating from the flame of the lamp provides the energy of 130 crores people of the country
with a positive force that will help India in getting out of this global disaster.
At this time of crisis, if a country with a vast population like India but limited resources the biggest power, the biggest weapon that can fight an epidemic like Corona, then it is our “unity” And on the basis of this unity, we were also winning.
Even the World Health Organization, in his latest statement, said that the early implementation of the lockdown in India was a far-sighted idea, as well as a bold decision of the government. This decision gave India a strong fight against the coronavirus. But when everything was going well in India, when developed and prosperous global powers like Italy, Britain, Spain, America had succumbed to Corona, when the world’s economic powers were unable to stop the deaths of COVID-19

At that time in this country with a population of 130 crores, the number of corona infected people was around 500 and the death toll due to this disease was less than 20. So suddenly comes the negligence of Tablighi Markaz, who disregards the instructions of the central and state governments, organize a mass Jamaat with more than 3500 people in Nizamuddin’s mosque.

On March 16, the Chief Minister of Delhi prohibits the gathering of more than 50 people, on March 22, the Prime Minister appeals for the Janata curfew, stating the importance of social distancing for the prevention of corona, but by the last week of March, this mosque has more than 2500 people gathering around mocking government orders. According to government sources, National Security Advisor Ajit Doval had to come forward to evacuate the mosque as they were not listening to the local administration.
The scene gave a shock for the entire nation when the government and administration appeared helpless to them. And now that these people are being investigated, so far more than 1500 of them have been found infected with corona and the search is on for how many of the rest will be infected. There is a figure of 9000 Tablighi Jamat who was in this program and dispersed all around the country

Tablighi Jamaat-A shamefull incidence
Tablighi Jamaat-A shamefull incidence source image-business standard

The news that is coming out is not only disappointing but also shameful because this epidemic has spread its foot from Kashmir to Andaman in our country.

If this was the case then it could have been called ignorance or negligence.
but when the doctors, paramedical staff and policemen who are attacked, stones were thrown-ed or spit on them while it is known that this disease spread via spitting or if there are reports of vulgar acts with female doctors and male,
then the question is about their intention? Questions arise from such conduct on thinking, upbringing, morality, social values, human sensibilities But before these questions, the first question is asked to the people who do such animal behaviour
Are they human at all?
Because their CCTV footage is captured in the isolation ward, their videos are viral while spitting on fruits, vegetables and notes. How is it? What is this thought? Who are these people who do not want to follow any discipline? They do not follow any law or any government order. all they follow is they obey the fatwa. Those who were fighting to save the constitution till some time ago, they are tearing away and making a mock of the same Constitution today.

The whole country follows a lock-down, but they expect stonewalling and hooliganism as they expect social distancing. But while behaving in such a sad way, these people forget that if they are harming anyone the most by these actions, then it is their own protection and their identity
Because of a handful of people, the entire community gets infamous. Some ignorant people make the whole group feel guilty. But the thing to understand is that the real culprits are the cleric and the maulana who provoke these people to do such activities. The whole country heard the video of Maulana Saad of Tablighi Jamaat in which he was sharing his special knowledge about the corona epidemic
to the people of Tablighi Jamaat.

In fact, such contractors of a particular community take advantage of the people to serve their political interests. I wish these people could understand that if not for the whole country at least the responsibility of a particular community is on there should whom they represent. Taking advantage of the ignorance of the less educated people, they do damage to their own community and their identity first before doing damage to the country by provoking them to such antics. They should understand that today is the era of mobile phones and social media and the times are changing. The truth is exposed with the video.

Probably because the people of the same community were at the forefront of separating themselves from the Tablighi Jamaat and giving a damn to their antics.
Governments are also taking concrete steps. It is also necessary that such people should have social boycott in their community as well as tighten legal grievances against them so that in future such incidents will be stopped.

It is extremely important to curb these incidents strictly immediately because in the present circumstances we have seen how we got on the verge of losing a winning battle due to the disobedience of the government orders of Tablighi Jamaat.

But this is not an end this is middle of a war, because this is an India where the eternal culture fades the darkness of despair with the light of faith. After all, no matter how dark it is a small lamp can defeat it, there are 1.25 billion rays of hope in India will sure fight this.

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