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COVID-19 -Life after this crisis would not be the same

Covid-19 outbreak -world would not be same after this crisis

Corona has cleared that life in the whole world Not going to be the same again. Coronavirus not only changes the today’s scenario, but it will also change the direction of our future. Now the whole world has understood how dependent we are on China.

There is going to be a huge change in the way we used to live And maybe it’s forever. If we see socially and economically, COVID-19 is very egalitarian. Although, rich people find themselves in luxury comfort and isolate with the same comfort, while those poor people have to face isolation and poverty every day. This virus has shown us emotionally and mentally that no one is safe and in it We are all together Society has also changed drastically and it began to value life more than money. In fact, it started giving the importance of caring and sensibilities. The finance, marketing and advertising people are now replaced by professionals in compulsory businesses services, doctors, nurses, delivery drivers and supermarkets Employees are now seen as real heroes

Covid-19 outbreak -world would not be same after this crisis
Covid-19 outbreak -world would not be same after this crisis Source Image-web world

Worldwide Healthcare workers who save lives are being cheered and honoured. It is challenging the hegemony of wealth and The value of life is getting more important than everything else.

A factor emerged around this epidemic and that is the world’s dependence on China. The desire for never-ending profit made the world economy dependent n On China to get goods at affordable prices. As a result of this, we have set aside our resources and completely dependent on their factories resources and economy.

After the outbreak of Kovid 19 in Wuhan, the entire production line in the rest of China came to a standstill
With this Markets of the whole world have come under fire. The shares of 30 major companies of Dow Jones lost 20% to the previous level It has seen a sharper decline than once it was seen in Wall Street 1929. Pound reaches 35-year low level
Kovid 19 has raised the cracks of the fortress of power. Especially America has become a divided country and weak alsoChina offers 98 per cent antibiotic sold in the US.

Covid-19 outbreak -world would not be same after this crisis
Covid-19 outbreak -world would not be same after this crisis Source Image-web world

Health care is the only power, China knows this well. China has better demonstrated the use of disinformation machinery

When the world held it responsible for Corona crisis, China responded with help and cooperation at the international level. Unity play its’ role when your military, stocks of arms and wealth could not save you.

China sent 3 million masks to Belgium and ‘unity is strength ‘ was written in China language on all of them. It was China, who sent help to Italy even after whole Europe has turned eyes.

China is now trying to connect itself to the world and it is also benefiting. Nature despite all human efforts always wins. Coronavirus showed it

Carbon dioxide emissions were reduced by 25 per cent as factories shut down during the Kovid-19 outbreak in China
Wildlife has started claiming over water forest and cities. CO2 level has reduced 5 to 10 per cent in the air due to closure of water road-rail transport
Maybe we all have some valuable lessons after finishing off this COVID virus outbreak and when we start running again
These lessons will be that we really need to be valuable and learn how to live differently.


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