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Winning Formula of Success – 5 Habits Inspired by Robin Sharma

Winning Formula of Success – 5 Habits Inspired by Robin Sharma

Today when everyone is running after success, it’s astounding to see that only a few people achieve it. Every person starts a career with one aim, and that is to succeed. Then why only a small ratio of people actually claims it. It is shocking and eye-opener at the same time.

People who fail to hit the target often wonder that what extra their counterparts did to achieve success. What was their winning formula of success?

Many renowned personalities have defined success and the secret formula to achieve it based on their experience. Robin Sharma is one of them, a well-known author and motivational speaker. In his teachings, he has proposed five habits to achieve success. This article is on those five ways and how one can achieve success by taking those steps.

5 Habits to Succeed

  1. Being Aware

The very first habit is to be aware of your inner and outer environment. What is inside, and what are the external things that have surrounded you?

Social media has made an immense impact on human life. The micro-environment created by the public network has given access to multiple diversion platforms. Unwanted browsing and switching channels have taken the place of meaningful learning.

To achieve success, awareness about the environment is essential. What you are learning from social networking decides the rate of your success. Be mindful of your microenvironment as quietly it drifts you away from the target.

Change your environment and make it more meaningful. Being aware of that brings significant life changes.

  • Power of Choice

On earth, only humans have the power of choosing and making decisions. Using this power wisely can take us one step closer to the desired success.

Our life is an outcome of the choices and decisions made by us. Be it professional life or personal life we get, what we have chosen. Blaming others is thus in vain. We are the captain of our life and have the power of driving it in the direction we want.

It’s a strong power and by using it wisely, we can make a difference in our life.

With the great power of making choices comes the responsibility of actions as well. Making choices and taking decisions are effective only if they are followed by the relevant action.

  • Habit Installation

It is said – to generate new habits 21 days of practice of the same is mandatory. Robin Sharma has presented an appropriate protocol for it. According to this Habit Installation Protocol, it takes 66 days for a person to develop a habit.

He divided this process into 3 phases.

  1. Destruction Phase – The first 22 days are required to wipe off the old routine or habits. This phase is the toughest of all. Eradicating old habits is not as easy as we think.
  2. Installation Phase – Next 22 days are to instil new habits in our system. Sometimes this period creates confusion and messes up things.
  3. Integration Phase – This final phase incorporates the new habit in our system, transforming us into a new individual.

The importance of this protocol lies in the fact that in achieving success sometimes, our old habits create hurdles. Wiping off those habits and adopting the new one is always a better choice.

  • Express Gratitude

Health plays a crucial role in success, and good health always comes on the top priority of successful people.

Expressing gratitude makes you emotionally fit and is recommended for mental and emotional well-being. It makes you feel happy and content.

Develop the habit of showing gratitude for any result that has made a positive impact on your life. Anything that helps you grow personally, professionally, or by any other means certainly deserves a note of gratitude.

  • Profoundness over Superficiality

Working on many things but superficially can never open the door to success. Success comes to those who get infused into the work.  

Working deep on anything instead of observing it from the surface, gives you the required knowledge to succeed. Shallow work gives half-knowledge, and by carrying this half-knowledge, one cannot claim success.

These five habits proposed by Robin Sharma can change our life entirely and can make us a strong contender for success. Incorporate them in you and live a successful life.

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