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World Health Day amid Corona crisis

World Health Day-Among Covid Era

Today, when more than 200 countries in the world are suffering from the corona epidemic and at such a time, the importance of World Health Day, observed on April 7, increases even more.
Today health workers from all over the world are engaged in serving the people infected with the coronavirus and saving their lives.
The date of April 7 is celebrated every year as World Health Day. On this day, the World Health Organization was established in the year 1948 and the day was started by the World Health Organization in the year 1950 itself.
Let us know in detail about the history behind this special day, the purpose behind celebrating this day and the importance of this day.
World Health Day is celebrated every year on 7 April to mark the anniversary of the Foundation Day of the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization, which we know as WHO in short, is part of the United Nations.

World health day-Among Covid Era
World Health Day-Among Covid Era Source Image-Social Media

The main function of this organization is to monitor health problems in the world and help in its prevention.
WHO i.e. World Health Organization was established on 7 April 1948. The institution
is headquartered in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. At the time of the founding of the WHO, its constitution was signed by 61 countries of the world and its first meeting was held on 24 July 1948. World Health Day was started in 1950. Its main objective is to discuss global health and its related problems.

Main objective of this organization is to prevent the health rumors and myths as well as spread awareness about equal health care facilities all over the world.

The governments of various countries are motivated by the World Health Organization to formulate and implement health policies. Since its inception, the World Health Organization has played a huge responsibility in eradicating diseases like small chickenpox

The Indian government has also eradicated the polio-like epidemic. The WHO is currently working to prevent fatal diseases such as TB, HIV, AIDS and Ebola, and is currently working with the World Health Organization in collaboration with governments of many countries to control corona infection.
April 7 means the important day of the year dedicated to the health of people around the world today, a large population of the world is suffering from the outbreak of the epidemic caused by the coronavirus. More than 1.3 million people are infected worldwide, while more than 73 thousand people have died
On the other hand, the number of people who get infected and die from it is increasing every day.
It is a bit comforting that more than 2.77 lakh people infected with this virus have been cured. The importance of World Health Day increases even more in the midst of this corona crisis.
Health workers around the world are serving people infected with the coronavirus.
Doctors and health workers are united day and night to save the lives of
Corona-infected people.

In honor of these health workers, on the appeal of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the entire nation saluted their spirit by clapping, thali, conch and bell. World Health Day is observed every year on seventh April.This day is also day for giving thanks for all health workers.

It is known that the World Health Assembly was organized for the first time in the year 1948 at the World Health Organization’s headquarters in Geneva and then in 1950, WHO’s Foundation Day i.e. April 7, World Health Day was celebrated for the first time in the whole world.

Indeed, the WHO is responsible for the World Health Report, which carries out a survey of health concerns related to all countries around the world. Every year a theme is set for World Health Day, which according to the data is decided on the basis of the topic affecting health in a particular year.

World Health Day-Among Covid Crisis
World Health Day-Among Covid Crisis source Unsplash.com

The theme of WHO last year was “Universal Health Coverage: Everybody, Everywhere” means people of all classes get better healthcare without any financial difficulty.
The theme of WHO this year is the recognition of the contribution of nurses and midwives. This time the theme is important, because this time the WHO has tried to honour the contribution of nurses and midwives who played an important role in the healing of infected people around the world in this battle against Kovid 19.
For this reason WHO has kept the theme #SupportNursesAndMidwives.

Health workers especially celebrate World Health Day. Health officials have a special discussion on how to improve health facilities in their jurisdiction. Free health checkups are organized by government and non-governmental organizations including health organizations

Special health camps are organized in many places and various programs are organized for awareness. This time the event may not be held due to lockdown, but we can respect the health workers wholeheartedly.

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