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Boycott china products-Empower make in India

Boycott China product-Empower make In India

The demand of boycotting china product in India has been since the global trade agreement was made. Most common two reasons for raising this demand is

1. Low quality products

2. Diversion of Indian revenue outside 

But now this demand has been on full swim seeing the irresponsible behaviour of China for spreading Coronavirus all around the world. This demand got strong foothold after 2016 incidence when China denies India to be included in the NSG group. Besides this China is a major roadblock in permitting permanent council seat in UN. China is also giving unconditional support to Pakistan on many international forum. During and after the Uri attack conflict between India and Pakistan, China has always taken a supporting stand towards Pakistan.

China is trying its level best to destabilize the growing economy of India.
Chinas ambitious Dhaka logistic prowess project is to corner the India at every level. These all reason were enough to catch India’s eyes towards this demand “Boycott China Products.”

Boycott China product-Empower make In India
Boycott China product-Empower Make In India

India and Tibet have called for a joint campaign to boycott Chinese goods after the repeated border intrusion done by China army. Even the RSS chief Mohan Bhagvat in one of his speech clearly says-we speak about self-dependence and standing up to china. A full boycott of Chinese product is a dreamy thing, as  China is one of the highest manufacturers of products related to almost all sectors, and has a worldwide hold on the consumer market. 

After the Chinee communist took control of china, the Chinese govt has included economic development is the foremost priority in policy. Chinese production policy is to manufacture the goods that are tailored to consumers popular demand and provide the same at low price with a compromised good quality.

Indian consumers are known for buying things preferably on a competitive price. This demand of Boycott china product is not confined to India only but internationally this has been slowly getting popular in other countries also.

There are some valid reason for this

1. Human right violation incident is increasing day by day in China 

2.single child policy, forced arrange marriage

3.Popular Tienman square incidence in 1989

4 falun Gong organ harvesting

5.Invasion of tibet ,

6.child abuse 

2. ongoing conflict and military intrusion in Hong Kong

A human right violation was clearly seen in china where peaceful protest was subverted, policy brutality, attempted vehicular homicide, unwarranted shooting, brutality against the minor, selective application of the law, selective right to worship and practice religion biased subsidization of news outlets, economic threat on foreign companies, interference on news channels and public media affairs companies, illegal handling and censorship of online information, forced physical labour.

Most recent reason of course is escalating tension by illegal military intrusion in Hong Kong

 Why low-quality product is manufactured in China ?

 I think overpopulation is the key reason. Not availability of sufficient amount of raw material so that company come up with some alternative cheap products. Many companies and business have a lack of expert market research, capital backup that is leading to produce low-quality products. There are many unethical companies there which are producing substandard goods to earn more benefits 

In 2008 popular Chinese milk scandals have shaken the whole world. Technology products from china are now a major concern for other countries like India. One company Huawei has been identified using illegal monitoring /software application in their phones and technology to track user inputs and personal information this information and storage of that information are used in big data analysis. So this is a  major strategic threat though Govt of India launch an ambitious slogan “Make In India “to empower Indian industry to scale up the domestic production and curbing the demand for imported goods. But Govt can not do this by its’ own level unless all citizen of India participate in this and stop using Chinese products.

Boycott China product-Empower make In India
Empower Make In India

You know India is the largest importer of China goods. There is one question of losing the income in billions for our Indian traders who have stocked a huge amount of Chinese stuff. This is not an all of sudden procedure. It will take time. First, we have to inculcate the habit of avoiding the consumption of Chinese goods as far as possible. Slowly the demand for Chinese products will be reduced in the Indian market. Traders imports goods according to the demands of products. so when demand is less, traders will reduce the bulk of import at the same time. Insisting of using products preferably made in India, we can not only avoid Chinese making money from Indian consumer but at the same time we can promote Indian industry to boost up and this way enhances and empowering make in India but here we should not forget to come up with innovative and creative ideas to compete with the foreign company especially China so that we can give our consumer a product with quality at par with foreign brand besides this the concept of “make in India “should be implemented with a strict policy of buying Indian products in some sectors where the quality is at par with the foreign counterpart.

Fotokart-India ki shop online home supply store
Fotokart-India ki shop online home supply store

There are some steps we can adopt to slowly make this demand a habit in our day to day life 

1. whenever you purchase anything from the market , see the label “made in china”. If no label of “made in China” go buy this..

2 If it is labelled “made in china” ,First you think of alternative product preferable “made in India” ,second alternative is made in Japan or made in korea 

3. if you are to buy some emergency products like medicine,don’t look for alternative 

One thing you have to remember if you see the label “Made in PRC”,, this is the same Label as of made In china. Made in the people’s republic of China so avoid thees too.

One thing at the end of this blog I want to share you that opinion given here is my personal view. Your view may differ from mine. There is a warm welcome for any comments, feedback and a different opinion on this topic.