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Super Pink Moon-Will Corona crisis disappear?

Super moon Pink moon 2020

On the 8th of April, a wonderful astronomical event like a super moon was witnessed in the sky. As some astrologers are claiming that this year super moon or we also call it Pink Moon will reduce the effect of Corona pandemic.

The size of the super moon will be larger (14 percent of its’ normal size ) and brighter than normal. On this day, our beloved Chanda Mama is closest to the earth.

People who were feeling bored in the lockdown was able to take a selfie after experiencing the thrill of watching Super Moon.

Sumit Srivastava, the scientific officer of Indira Gandhi Constellation School, has already said that on April 7 at 11:38 pm, the moon will be the closest to the Earth. At this time, the distance of the Moon from Earth will be just 356900 kilometers. This position of the moon is called the position of perigee.

In general, the distance of the Earth from the Moon is considered to be 384400 km. At the same time, this distance is considered to be about 405696 km when the moon is the largest distance from the earth, which is called the position of apyogi.
when the full moon falls in the perigee position of the moon, we see a super moon. There is a minimum of 12 full moon days in a year, but it is very unlikely that in the state of perigee, the full moon also falls.

Just 8 hours and 35 minutes after the moon reaches perigee state, the moon has its full moon phase. On April 8 was the largest and brightest moon of the year. It was 14 per cent larger than normal and 30 per cent brighter. Immediately after sunset, we were able to see this scene a whole night.

Super moon Pink moon 2020
Super moon Pink moon 2020 -source image Dr Mukesh

Super Moon will reduce corona’s side effects-A good news

Astrologer Dr Vipin Pandey of Lucknow University, Department of Astrology, said that all the medicines on the earth get energy from the Moon.
That is why the moon is called The medic. The Moon’s strength increases gradually with the beginning of the Shukla Paksha. Moon is most influential on Poornamasi. In the event of a supermoon, the moons are more powerful than the full moon.
The corona will also be affected by the super moon state of the moon. With this, on April 14, when the Sun moves into Aries, then Corona’s position will begin to be controlled. On May 14, the Sun will transit in Taurus. Taurus is a stable sign, so it is being said that on May 14, the corona outbreak will stop in India.

Super moon Pink moon 2020
Super moon Pink moon 2020 -source image Dr Mukesh

I also went on my rooftop to witness this beautiful astrological event. With my Canon Gear, I took some photographs. All photographs of the Moon in this blog were shot by me.


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