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Pleasure of Power (सत्ता सुख ) Poem by Mahadev “Premi”

pleasure of power Satta sukh

Mahadev”premi” has accepted to post his poetic works regularly on this platform Baat Apne Desh Ki. In this sequence, today, this Kavya Rachna has been presented the pleasure of power(सत्ता सुख ). The main genre of Kavi is Kudili, through which poetry is written on relevant and Current affairs subjects, in a satirical form, the concern is given to the day today incidence happening around us.

“सत्ता सुख”
कुण्डली 8चरण

सत्ता सुख की लूट,हैं लूट सको तो लूट,
जन्ता जाये भाड़ में,मिल गइ तुमको छूट,

मिल गइ तुमको छूट,रोज पौआ चढाइये,
जेवें भरलो खूव,चुना जन्ता लगाईये,

सत्ता सुख को पाय, रोज गुलछर्रे उड रहे,
नित कर अत्याचार,हाथ गंगा में धुल रहे,

“प्रेमी”सच तो यह कि,मुझे हैं आत्मीय दुख,
जन्ता धन को लूट,कि ये भोगे सत्ता सुख।

Meaning In English

Pleasure of Power

Power is the plunder of happiness, loot if it is looted
Public go to hell, you got a liberation
You got relaxation, that nobody cared about the public.
You are getting lost forever. You are being praised every day
Power is pleasing to live, go fluttering
Like a person blinded in Sawan Month sees green everywhere
I am suffering in this democracy called “Premi”.
Why should people enjoy power by plundering the people

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Introduction of author

रचनाकार परिचय -महादेव प्रसाद गर्ग


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