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Boojhobal (बूझोबल)- A collection of interesting and enlightening original puzzles

बुझोबल (Bujhobal) Collection of puzzles

At present, the genre of original puzzle writing has almost disappeared, in such a way, some people who are trying to keep this genre alive, among them one name is Mahadev “Premi” who is the master of his simple natural personality and sweet-spoken. Mahadev “Premi” has spent his dark life in the writing of puzzles. Out of thousands of children’s puzzles that he has written, selected puzzles have been presented as a book by the name of “Buzhobal”.

Puzzles have been a part of personality since time immemorial and will remain so. Puzzles not only entertains, but keeps minds fit and fresh. A type of question or description about anything taking the test of intelligence or understanding
of the person is called a puzzle. In this, the object or property of an object is misleading and it is proposed to identify or name the subject matter.

In the creation of puzzles, it is often found that the form and function of the subject or object of which the puzzle is to be made, is described in such a way that it is misleading and seems to indicate the description of some other object or subject,
after thinking very carefully, one can understand the real subject or object. It is often written in Kavya Shalli so that it will be pleasant to hear. This tradition has been prevalent in our country since ancient times. Before this mobile era, people used to use puzzles on Thai Athai Chaupalas to pass their time.

The subjects of puzzles were related to the religious scriptures, puzzles have found a place in Hindi literature as a genre. Puzzles have always been presenting the human mind to face challenges. In ancient times, it used to be a means of entertainment and enjoyment of the King Maharaja, in the present time it is used to develop the human mind and to increase its logical capacity.

Many riddles of Bujhobal will be seen examining the intelligence and logic of the reader.
आठ पैर दो हाथ जिस्म में जहर भरा है
लम्बी सी एक पूंछ ,पूंछ पर सींग लगा है
Answer- बिच्छू

The riddle of the hidden answer in the riddle is more simple and easy due to its specific form. In this, the answer word is expressed in the riddle itself. He has to find the answer of the riddle by searching or thinking, just a little mind for it. The answer is in front but hidden, getting the answer is more enjoying then.

उल्टा किया तो हो गया राजी ,दाल दिया तो बन गया भाजी
करते है सब ही उपयोग मेरा क्या मुल्ला क्या काजी
This is a similar puzzle, the answer is hidden in this puzzle. These puzzles are simple and easy. One who enjoys reading, one gets to solve the puzzles.
You are eager to answer, if you have solved the puzzle, then write in the comment box or buy a book to go to the answer.

छज्जे जैसे कान है मेरे,सबसे लम्बी नाक
खम्बे जैसे पैर है मेरे बच्चे जैसी आँख.

In this puzzle, the answer is easily detected and the mind gets delighted as soon as the answer is found. A sense of satisfaction that we also know something. Here the feeling is good, this increases the eagerness to read more puzzles.

तीन अक्षर का मेरा नाम ,उलटा सीधा एक सामान
मेरे साथ ही आप सभी के ,बनते रहते है पकवान

Solve this puzzle. If you find an answer, then your mind will be happy, if you do not , then your mind will try to find an answer till it will not find an answer. Try to find the answer by asking the riddle and if you know the right answer, then by asking this puzzle to your friends relative, you can prove on others about your intelligence in a funny manner.

The main role of the puzzle is keeping the brain active.The puzzle written in
Abbreviationshro appeals to the mind.

धोली धरती काला बीज
बोने बाला गाये गीत

You must be smiling after reading this puzzle, the creator of this book is Mahadev “Premi” who did his book Shre Ganesh with some similar puzzles.

नर शरीर धारण किया ,मुख किया पशु सामान
प्रथम पूज्य देवता भये ,पहेली है आसान

Some such easy and enjoyable puzzles have been presented in this book. The language of puzzles is simple and easy. It is a must-read book for all ages and all members of a family. The language of the puzzles contained in the Bujhobal collection is ingeniously carried with deep meaning.

These puzzles of Buzobal will provide the reader with knowledge as well as enjoyment. This first attempt of Mahadev “premi” will be liked by people of all ages
This book has been published by Kitabganj Publication, in this way its decoration and presentation is very good, overall the book is very useful.

You can order this book online. You can write on this e-mail to get the book or you can message on this Whatsapp number. The price of the book is Rs. 195. Courier charges will be extra.

Now happy to inform that book is also avaialble on Amazon

E Mail [email protected]

Mahadev Garg Premi
Mahadev Garg “Premi”

Mobile number-+918619811757

Copyright-Mahadev Premi


बुझोबल (Bujhobal) Collection of puzzles

परकाशक-किताब्गंज प्रकाशन

मुद्रक-थॉमस प्रेस इंडिया


Courier charges extra


c/o Garg hospital

agrawal dharmashala ke peechhe

Gangapur city -322201

District-sawai Madhopur (Rajasthan)


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