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Neta (leader) Hindi satirical poem

Neta leader Hindi Poem

Today, my poem is dedicated to a creature named Neta (leader). If this Neta named virus comes on its own, it can be more dangerous than corona.

नेता मच्छर बन रहा,जो कलयुग की कौम,
भीतर पत्थर दिल, मगर वाहर रहता मोम,

वाहर रहकर मोम,जहर अंदर फैलाता ,
वायरल ,डैगू,तिज,मलेरिया ज्वर हो जाता,

दवा करै नहिं काम,जो इसका विष चढ जाता,
गांव शहर क्या देश भी इसकी वलि चढ जाता,

नेता’एन्टी डोट’ कोई पैदा कर देता,
“प्रेमी”सौ-सौ कोस, न दिखाई देता नेता।

Meaning of poem in English

The leader is like a mosquito, which is specific community of kaliyug,
The stone heart within, but outside seems like wax,

Being like a wax outside,spit poison inside
Viral, Dengu Malaria Fever is not anything in front of it.

The medicine does not work, If once its poison spreads
Would the country and the village also get succumbed to it

The leaders ‘Anti dot’ would have created someone,
“Premi” hundreds of miles cause the leader to invisible.

Hindi Poem on pleasure of Power of Politics

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