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Category: Book

ahsaas kavita

अहसास कविता-रचनाकार डॉ मुकेश गर्ग

अहसास की इस विस्तृत वादी में, जहाँ कण कण में सुकून का सागर छिपा है,वहाँ एक परिंदा, अपने अस्तित्व की छाया में, स्वच्छंद उड़ान भरना……

Vaccine 50 Book by NAVEEN JAIN

Vaccine 50 by NJ (book review)

The book has obtained the Bestseller tag already on Amazon.This book, divided into 50 chapters, in very simple Hindi and every chapter gives a new…

Irfan RIP-Immortal legend

RIP Irfan. You were indeed special

Irrfan Khan gave ‘Never give up” formula to all of us. !!RIP Irfan. You were indeed special.It is what defines a legend !!! “Life is……

Aacharya Chanakya Neeti vakya

Aacharya Chanakya selected Neeti Vakya-useful in today’s context

Today, in this Corona crisis era, we have to follow the right principles, in such a situation, the Neeti vakya said thousands of years ago…

बुझोबल (Bujhobal) Collection of puzzles

Boojhobal (बूझोबल)- A collection of interesting and enlightening original puzzles

These puzzles of Buzobal will provide the reader with knowledge as well as enjoyment. This first attempt of Mahadev “premi” will be liked by people…