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3 Reasons Why You Should/Shouldn’t Do Business

3 Reasons Why You Should/Shouldn’t Do Business

Have you ever thought that even after so much hard work and dedication; many businesses do not savour success?

Why do 90-95% of businesses close in the first 3 years of their establishment? While only some businesses touch the heights of success.

Every person starts a business with a dream to become a successful businessman, to make his mark in the world. For that, he makes every probable effort but gets discouraged by not getting the desired achievement. Whereas some people go ahead with the right policies and intentions, others embrace defeat, blaming their luck and fortune and seeing their business dreams shatter. It is always a matter of consideration why there is this difference. This difference lies in the intention behind doing their business. Your success and failure depend on your purpose of doing business. Which aim did you carry while starting your business?

Why You Shouldn’t Do Business
Why You Shouldn’t Do Business

3 Reasons – Why You Shouldn’t Do Business

  1. You aim to make Money

Every person desires to become rich and undoubtedly business gives us such high dreams. One of the many reasons for every person to start a business is to wish for a lot of money. But if you are doing business only to earn money then you are in deep water!

Success is never achieved by running after money. Passion brings success and success automatically draws money. But if we give importance to money all the time, then we will never be able to move forward. We can earn money only where we work for passion.

As soon as we start a business, we anticipate earning profit from the very next day and become a millionaire whereas the opposite actually happens. It takes time to make money in business and sometimes we have to invest capital on our behalf again and again. If we are doing business for money then we should leave this idea right away because if we don’t have good profit, we will be more frustrated and fail in business.

  • You hate your job

Many people want to do business because they do not like their job. Not liking the job cannot be the ultimate reason to get your business to success. Business success comes from goals, from passion, from loving your business. We will never be able to succeed by taking the help of business to get rid of the job. We will give up very quickly and will fall into the category of unsuccessful people. Therefore, choose the business option only when you are passionate about it.

  • Everyone is doing It

Many times we choose a business because everyone around us is doing it. We get attracted by the dazzle of their success. We take the trends going on in the market or the demands that are going on in business and then face failure because we follow the crowd blindly instead of adopting our goals and targets.

Why You Should Do Business
Why You Should Do Business

3 Reasons – Why You Should Do Business

  1. You want to work for a cause

If you are concerned about any problem of the society and want to do something about it then you could be a successful businessman. A successful businessman always chooses those shortcomings or problems which are left untouched by the government, society or other business. He takes it as a motive and his prime aim is to solve that problem. To fulfil that cause, he passionately engages himself and works hard regardless of defeat or victory. Such people never give up and get success one day, undeniably.

  • You can deal with ebb and flow

The person, who knows well to bear the ups and downs of life and to solve them, can do business. Business is never the same. There are irregularities in it all the time. Sometimes it climbs to the heights and sometimes it’s the opposite. A successful businessman should have the strength to bear all this and should be able to face these situations firmly. If you think that you can handle these situations better and work with courage instead of getting frustrated then you can become a successful businessman.

  • You know how to work on an idea

Business is a product of an idea. Every big business is born out of a small idea. Ideas come to everyone’s mind, but the art is in planning and implementing them, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Business is to give the shape and form to the ideas and to present it to the world. Our mind is a sea of thoughts in which with every wave a new idea comes. Business cannot be built on every idea, nor can the idea be changed again and again. A successful businessman has to decide the finest one that can make a splash in the market and can bring a big change in society.

Let’s discuss these differences, due to which one person becomes successful, while the other person, unable to understand the reason for his failure, changes his path. By understanding these differences in goals and intentions, we can make a better decision whether a business is the right choice for us or not. We can choose a suitable profession for ourselves and be successful in life.

Every person wants to lead a successful life. But considering the business as the yardstick of success is our biggest mistake. We can be successful in that very area which is the purpose of our life and what we want to do with all our heart. Whether it comes from a job or business, we should focus on our objective and not on working under the influence of friends or society. Know your purpose and keep moving in that direction till you reach your destination.

Goods and services few clicks away
Goods and services few clicks away

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