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5 Key Areas Everyone Should Plan For a Successful Life

5 key area everyone should plan for a successfull life

Every individual has a different view on a ‘successful life’. Definition of successful life may vary depending upon the perspective and the circumstances of an individual. It could be professional growth, for some it could be achieving a dream while for others success could be a happy family.

Then how could a person define a successful life? Compiling all the above-said perspectives we can define success as ‘accomplishment of the subject we always desired for’. Generally, people associate successful life with happiness, good health, a loving family and a financially secured life. Goals may vary but ultimately successful life means to achieve the goal.

I define ‘successful life’ as self-realisation that whatever you sought after in life, you are doing it. It is the freedom of striving for the goals irrespective of the people and circumstances.

How to lead a Successful Life?

No one in the world would like to stay unsuccessful. At least once in a lifetime every individual plans or dreams to live on his terms and to lead a successful life. Few fortunate ones who know the secret key elements to achieve it get successful. Rest others accept life as it comes making destiny and circumstances responsible for their situation.

Let’s discuss those five key elements that if planned wisely can make us entitled to a prosperous life.  

5 Key Areas to Plan for a Successful Life

Getting influenced by external factors disturbs our inner peace. Factors like worry, fear, jealousy; discontent makes us restless, anxious and snatches away our peace of mind. It prevents us from thinking clearly and acting wisely. An anxious mind affects our surrounding as well including our family, friends and job. As an individual’s success revolves around these people so it’s quite essential to attain a state of calmness for attaining a prosperous life.

  • Peace of Mind

One of the very effective ways to attain inner peace is through mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness meditation is a practice to slow down our running thoughts and to calm down our mind by deep breathing. It makes us more aware of the body and mind by letting go of the negativity.

There are certain mindfulness activities recommended for peace of mind like colouring, listening to music, smelling perfumes, going for a nature walk, reading positive affirmations and many more. (Check our blog on Mindfulness Meditation for more details)

A peaceful mind makes you happy and content which is an essential feature for a successful life.

  • Relationship

The next very important factor to work on is our relations with every individual that is connected to us by any means. Maintaining good, healthy relations with every individual decrease stress level and contribute to a long and prosperous life. Relationships are not limited to family but it includes friends, relatives, employees, colleagues, boss, team members, our society etc.

Maintaining and nurturing strong relations with everyone helps as a relaxant and trouble-shooter. It kills the feeling of loneliness and gives us the confidence to handle the challenges.

  • Carrier

Carrier is a vital element to achieve a successful life as the majority of a person’s time goes into job and business. Growth in job and business gives mental satisfaction and keeps motivated. It boosts up morale giving us a sense of happiness.

We should keep upgrading our knowledge and skills for a successful career, which is a key element. It helps us in soldiering forward despite difficulties and non-favourable conditions. It protects us from feeling downside and shows the path to thrive. (Check our blog on Self-education and its Importance)

  • Holistic Wellness

Good health is often considered as physical wellness while it is a perfect combination of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Balance in all four dimensions is essential to relish a healthy life. Imbalance in any one of them makes an impact on other dimensions too. If a person is unfit mentally or emotionally, it directly affects his physical health. Same way physically unwell person feels low mentally and emotionally.

Yoga, Exercise, Meditation, Healthy Eating and an Active Lifestyle are the ways to keep all the dimensions strong and resilient. This holistic approach of wellness makes us mentally and physically fit to overcome obstacles in life and directs us to success. (Check our YouTube videos on Holistic Wellness and its four Dimensions)

  • Finances

Money is a vital element that depicts the success of an individual. Money gives financial freedom and security. If we have money we can live a stress-free, luxurious life. A good bank balance is always a criterion of a successful life.

But managing finances is a skill that is never taught in schools and colleges. Everyone should learn this skill to get their money to work for them towards success. Take the help of financial advisors and invest money wisely in right place. The right investment can increase our wealth multiple times. It is advised to increase 10% of your earnings by choosing the right saving and investment policies. Another way of saving money is by reducing expenditures. By controlling our hunger for luxury and desires we can achieve it easily. We must practice spending on our needs rather than being extravagant and wasting money on things that are not necessary. Appropriately managed finances give us satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment in life.

Living a successful life is all about focusing on these key factors and nurturing them with a positive approach. Change the perspective towards success, be the best version of yourself and set your definition of success.

“Life is not about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself”. – Lolly Daskal.

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