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5 Ways To Improve Telecommunication Skills

5 way to improve telecommunication skills

What is the secret of a successful business?

Different people have different perspectives towards success. But a very common attitude is that the success of a business is the outcome of dedication, hard work and a positive approach. It is valid to a certain point but we cannot ignore or rule out the importance of other factors too. One such crucial factor for a business’s success is its Customers.

To understand their role and importance in the success of a business, just visualize a business without customers. Certainly not! One cannot even think of a business without customers.

Importance of Customers

Happy and satisfied customer indicates the quality of our products and services. Happy customer invites more business and aids in the marketing of our services. Positive mouth publicity gives brand value to a business. Satisfied customers enable a business to compete in the market with others. They result in generating revenue and profit for the business.

What is Customer Service?

Services provided to a customer before, after and during the purchase of the product or services are called customer services. In other words, customer service is all about meeting the customer’s expectations. An excellent customer service satisfies the customer and builds trust in the product. Customer’s expectation with the product and services, fulfilled with empathy and care helps in building a strong foundation of the organisation.

Types of Customer Services

  • Through Walk-in
  • Through Phone or chat
  • Through E-Mail
  • Through Communities

Let’s discuss about Telecommunication i.e. through the phone.

What is Telecommunication Customer Service?

Telecommunication customer service is resolving customer’s problems over a distance through the telephone. It is a widely used way of dealing with customer’s problems and providing them with solutions. Nowadays, the customer care and services department is a must-have factor in every organisation. This easiest way of connecting with the customers not only helps in resolving customer’s issues but also helps in scrutinizing and surveying multiple areas.

Customer services through the phone require a strong set of communication skills as we cannot perceive the customer’s non-verbal gestures and that makes it slightchallenging to judge the satisfaction level of the customer. (Check the blog on How to develop strong communication skills)  

5 way to improve telecommunication skill

5 Ways to Improve Telecommunication Skills

  1. Voice-Tone

As we discussed that in customer care services via phone, facial expressions are not involved; voice is the only way to expressyou. The tone of your voice is the only available tool to make the conversation impactful. It should not be harsh, rude or rushed. The tone should reflect positivity and confidence. Informal and casual tone also makes a negative impact on customer service.

Always attend a call with a calm, pleasant and optimistic approach. As you are representing an organisation so your voice tone should have all the essential elements to make the conversation impressive and fruitful.

  • Clear Communication

Communication is never limited by language; it is bound with clarity. Messages if not communicated with clarity leaves the customer dissatisfied. Un-resolved problems and un-clear communications affect the organisation badly. People stop recommending the product and services to others. Even retaining the same customer gets challenging.

  • Honest Approach

Customer service is all about solving the problems of people who avail the services provided by our organisation. Instead of misguiding them or hiding the facts, we should follow an honest approach. Clear product details if given to the customers builds trust towards the organisation and minimises the complaints in future. It’s always said that ‘Honesty is the best policy’. An honest approach receives appreciation and opens the path to success in the long run.

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  • Call by Name

It is said that the most important word in a person’s world is his name. Calling a person by his name connects him with his identity. It’s the easiest way to give attention to a person and to make him feel connected. While communicating with customers we should call them by their name to make them feel important. It gives them a sense of satisfaction and they feel more associated with the organisation.

  • Customer Satisfaction

The main objective of customer service is none other than customer satisfaction. A happy, satisfied customer adds value to the business. We should always end the conversation with customers on a positive note. Provide them solutions or show them the way to get the problem resolved. The customer should feel assured that the person conversing is going to help him out. After all, customer service is developed for customer’s satisfaction, so it should end up leaving the customer happy and satisfied.

Businesses cannot be run alone. Customers provide value to our business. A happy and satisfied customer creates the brand image and improves marketing opportunities. Good customer service wins positive mouth publicity and generates revenue for the business.

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Grow your business with online selling open an e commerce store

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