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Chaal (Movement) Hindi Poem By Mahadev Premi

Chal (movement) Trick Hindi Poem

Looking at today’s environment, it seems that we have all forgotten our routine movement . If our nature forgets its movement, then the catastrophe comes, the celestial body forgets its movement, then the earthquake comes, anyway we should also keep our pace moderate.

The corona epidemic crisis that we are facing today also results in deterioration with our nature, we can live a happy life only if we move in a balanced manner and
Walking together with nature.

You may like this new poem “Chal” composed by me in this context

चाल की चाल अपार है, चाल से होय निहाल,
प्रथ्वी की भी चाल में ,आ जाता भूचाल,

आ जाता भू चाल, चन्दृ रवि चाल से चलते,
तारे और नक्षत्र ,चाल से विचरण करते,

चाल करै कंगाल, सती गणिका बन जावे,
राजा बने फकीर,रंक से नृप होय जावे,

“प्रेमी”कहै इस समय देश का विगड गया है हाल,
होगा पतन बड़ा भारी यदि ना सुधरेगी चाल।

Meaning In English

Chal -Trick or movement (Two different meaning of same word)
The trick of the move is inexhaustible
Even in the slight movement of earth, there would be an earthquake

The earthquack can come if Sun and move forget movment

all constellation and the stars move in their trough at a regular pace

trick can make anyone pauper,a queen can become courtesan,

King can become poor,en emperor can loose all his kingdom with a wrong trick

Premi is saying that this time the condition of the country is worse,
The collapse will be very heavy if we go on making wrong tricks

रचियता -महादेव “प्रेमी “

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