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Easy home remedies to avoid heatstroke in summer

Easy Home remedy for sunstroke heatstroke

Easy home remedies to avoid heat stroke in summer

By the way, you are alert in many ways to avoid heat, sun and heat and also make every effort to avoid them. But in spite of all these, if you feel sunstroke, or if you feel sick when the body heat increases, then you must try this remedy –
Hot air and increased temperature during summer season increase the risk of sunstroke. In the scorching heat, home remedies are very effective to avoid the heat.

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1.Know home remedies to avoid heatstroke. Do not go open body in the sun. If you have to come out, then you must cover your head when you come out in the sun. Apply sunglasses to the eyes and if possible, wear only white or light-coloured cotton clothes.

Drink plenty of water
Drink plenty of water

2. Do not go from a cold place to a very warm place. Especially do not leave in the sun immediately after sitting in AC. Eat raw onion daily. Keep a small onion in your pocket when it gets out in the sun, it does not let the body feel and soaks up all the heat on its own.

Consult doctor for an emergency
Consult doctor for an emergency

3. A qualified doctor should be seen immediately if heatstroke occurs. The patient of Loo feels relieved even after doing some first aid before seeing a doctor.

4. Drink as much water as possible. Due to which the temperature of the body is determined regularly by sweating and there is no lack of water in the body. Eat seasonal fruits, fruit juice, curd, buttermilk, cumin buttermilk, jalajira, lassi, mango panas or mango chutney in the hot summer.

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5 If fever is high, the patient should be rested in cold open air. If the fever is more than 104 degrees, a snow strip should be placed on the head.

6 The patient should immediately mix onion juice with honey. The patient’s body should be wiped with wet towels four or five times a day. Consumption of hot drinks like tea and coffee should be reduced drastically.

Avoid going outdoor open body
Avoid going outdoor open body

7 To quench thirst, earthen water or jug ​​water should be consumed in lemon juice. Ice water should not be given as it may cause harm rather than gain.
It is especially beneficial to have Carrie. Roast the raw mangoes on hot ashes in a low flame ember. When it is cold, its pulp (pulp) should be removed and mixed with water. Add cumin, coriander, sugar, salt, pepper to it and make pan. The pan should be given to the patient of Loo in a short time.

8. Add barley flour and ground onion and apply it on the body, it gives instant relief from heatstroke. When the patient is taken outside, apply a cotton swab with rose water to his ears. Put salt standing on the patient’s navel and pour water on it and drop the water. All the heat will fall.

9. Rub raw gourd on the soles of the patient, this will pull all the heat from the gourd and get immediate relief. If the gourd withers, understand that heat of heat is coming down. Repeat this action again and again.

So friends, these were some remedies that will help you preventing sunstroke and for the firs aid if it happens. By the way, if the situation is more serious then one must immediately show up at the nearest medical center.

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