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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction

How to handle customers

“The customer’s perception is your reality”- Kate Zabriskie

Importance of Sales and Sales Department

The sales department is the only department of cash inflow in any business. The services and products of a company have no value until the customer buys them.

The actual base point for the success of any company or business is its sales that directly depend on the outlook about our product. We can get an idea of our products and services by how satisfied our customers are.

A happy, satisfied customer is an asset. He not only gives us business but also propels others for it.

Role of Employees in Customer Satisfaction

“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company”- Tony Hsieh

Understanding the importance of customers, we must give them a memorable experience. It is the responsibility of every person associated with, to treat them well and sort out the queries. Even after buying the product, provide remarkable support by resolving their problems to establish an endured relationship.

Proficient Employees Promote Customer Satisfaction

An employee can make the customer happy if he is happy and carries all the relevant information about the product. Only then will he be able to represent his company best. He will put forward appropriate facts about the company and the products. Providing an unforgettable experience to the customer becomes his prime motto.

All the employees should have frequent sessions of exceptional handling of the customer. What questions customers may have, what they expect from us, their needs, how can we fulfil them; are some things that should be in our regular discussion. Every employee should know the importance, strategies, skills and ways to achieve the target. It will not only give the customer satisfaction but will also help us in making our product even better.

Objections of the customers about the product can turn sales into rejections. Here we are aiming to understand this and to convert them into sales by reframing.

Sales – We Sell Idea Not the Product

The first thing we should understand is that we do not sell products; we sell an idea – An idea that originated from the problems that customers were facing. A business is established based on a vision, enthusiasm and value. Success in explaining the value of a product makes us capable of converting our idea into a sale. Let us check how a customer can find the product value and may prompt to buy it.

How To Describe The Importance Of A Product

Specify what customer is gaining with that  

  • The first thing that attracts anyone and compels them to purchase the product is its usefulness. How our product can help customers achieving their individual goals is an important area that needs to explain.
  • Its cost-effectiveness is the next desirable point for the customers. Describe how one-time investment will lead to future monetary gains.
  • How does it resolve a persisting problem needs to be detailed out to the customer. Picking the painful area of customer and telling about the benefits of using our product is an important area to explain.

Illuminate the magnitude of gain

  • The magnitude of gain makes an impact on customers. They are more inclined towards buying if they know how much they are gaining.
  • Monetary gain is always the best alternative to explain the magnitude of gain.

Make the Switching effortless 

  • If we are convincing a customer for switching to our product then make sure it is cost-effective. If the overall cost is going high than the previous one, sell it under some policy or scheme to neutralise the difference.
  • It should be user-oriented as compared to the product that the customer is already using.

Build Trust

  • Showing testimonials and feedbacks of existing customers help in building the trust of the customer.
  • Instead of selling long term schemes and big products, offer them small products, short term plans or free trials. Once they get habitual and acquainted with the benefits, big deals can be done with ease.

Customer Dissatisfaction Areas

Price and Cost Effectiveness

  • Undoubtedly, the first and foremost area of customer dissatisfaction is the price of the product.
  • Apart from price, its cost-effectiveness in terms of future gains also matters.
  • The return value of the product is also a matter of concern for the customers.

Quality of Products and Services

  • If the quality is not according to the expectations then the customer has all the valid reasons for dissatisfaction.
  • Failing to understand the demands of customers and unable to explain the key features of the product creates customer dissatisfaction.
  • Sales person’s ineffectiveness to represent the product as the best one, equipped with all the advanced features as compared to other products in the market, compels a customer to show dissatisfaction.

Trust and Relationship

  • If we are unable to develop a bond and trust with the customer, it is not possible to turn it into a sale.
  • Establishing a good professional relationship with the customer always helps in gaining trust.   

The Cogent Approach

  • We can lose a customer because of the impatient and cogent approach.
  • Generally, a forceful attitude and eagerness to sell the product turn off the customer from making the final purchase.

Quick Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction

  • Comprehend the Needs – By understanding their needs, we can offer them the best fit product.
  • Be Inquisitive – Ask questions for the objection areas and be curious to know what exactly he is looking for. It will help in both ways – customer handling as well as knowing better about our product.
  • Represent the Best Features Effectively – Instead of telling the basic things, describe the unique features and usefulness from the customers’ point of view.
  • Bring Into Comparison – Compare the product for its features and benefits with other available products in the market and expose the best side of our product.
  • Win the Customer through his Acceptance – Make the customer convinced with the product leaving no point for the rejection. He should have no single doubt for saying ‘No’ to the purchase.

“If we keep our competitors focussed on us while we stay focused on the customer, ultimately we’ll turn out all right”. – Jeff Bejos

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