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Make In India – Success Story

Make In India-Success Story

Make in India movement reminds us of the famous Swadeshi moments which was prevalent at the time of British ruling. It was launched by Govt of India on 25th Sept 2014 to encourage all manufacturer units to increase the production of goods in India so that India becomes less dependent on export. The Make in India initiative is part of a wider set of nation-building initiatives. This is to strengthen the Indian economy and to solve the problem of unemployment.  
 ‘Make in India’ campaign to promote  investment, invite innovation, enhance skill development, safeguard intellectual property, building the best in  manufacturing infrastructure to facilitate economic growth 
Govt of India has come up with many policy dedicated to promote entrepreneurs small scale manufacturer like tax waiver scheme, easy loan facility. free training etc. “Zero Defect Zero Effect” slogan was coined by Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, as the essence of the Make in India initiative that manages advanced processes, materials and technologies, to guide the production mechanism that produces products with no defects with no adverse environmental and ecological effects.

Make In India-Success Story
Make In India-Empower Indian Economy (source image-Pexels)

Among 25 sectors  Govt Of India chose for implementing Make In India concept, art and handicraft industry is one of them. We can see this sector has never been in the priority of Govt before this implementation of Make In India. As far as Indian art and handicrafts is concerned there is popular demand for Indian artwork and handicrafts worldwide. And this sector can be a major source of generating foreign revenue if proper care and policy is made to promote this sector. 
Fotocons has taken a small step under the soul motive of Empowering Indian art and Handicrafts sector and started an initiative to call all popular or unpopular Indian artists and artisans to sell directly their products on Fotocons. Fotocons takes all measure to expose the Indian art and handicrafts listing globally to attract buyers from across the world. With a slogan of “Empowering make In India ” Fotocons is taking all steps to contribute somehow in the growth of Indian economy Fotocons sole motive is to promote that initiative to contribute in the growing economy of India. Fotocons promote, enable and inspire  Indian artist and artisans to use this global platform for their artwork.

Make In India-Success Story
A new India-Sapno ka Bharat (source image-Pexels)

We together can help to build Nation’s credibility stronger and trustworthy. All our artists and artisans, some of them are popular, some of them are not in the limelight but they all are contributing a lot for the growing economy of our nation. We salute and respect the visible momentum, energy and optimism of every enter pruners, a citizen of India. We adopted this slogan as our “mantra” We dream of seeing the world’s largest democracy is well on its way to becoming the world’s most powerful economy.