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PM Modi’s speech-India needs to be self-reliant

PM Modi's Speech

India needs to be self-reliant, was the major focus in PM Modi’s Message. Prime Minister Modi gave an address to the nation in which he told the country about what will be the road map after the coronavirus. We have to understand the three biggest things in PM Modi’s speech

The biggest thing is that India will have to take advantage of this time of crisis and become self-sufficient. PM Modi’s speech was about 33 minutes, the most focus was given on turning this crisis into opportunity.

Local should be vocal-PM Modi's speech
Local should be vocal-PM Modi’s speech

The second thing is that now the way ahead is hidden in the local, India has to become self-sufficient on the basis of Swadeshi and the local will have to be vocal. That is, we have to use products and services made in India as much as possible.

And the third important thing is that now your life will not just revolve around the coronavirus. This virus is going to stay with us for a long time. But in spite of this, the people of India will now have to go ahead. That means you have to save your life and also move forward.
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PM Modi has given the mantra of India to become self-reliant. Apart from this, he has made many announcements about the self-reliant India campaign.
The question is arising in the minds of many people that how will the benefit of this 20 lakh crore rupees economic package reach the common people of the country.

This will mainly benefit three classes. The first category is those workers and poor who are most affected by this coronavirus. Earlier too, the government had announced some relief package for this class. Under this, this relief can be provided to the poor and workers through Jan Dhan accounts, Aadhaar cards and mobile phones. It is also called JAM.

PM Modi's speech 5 point
PM Modi’s speech 5 point

The second class is the middle class. This class can be given relief in tax and EMI. It is possible that the government may increase the interest repayment limit on the loan further and you will get relief from paying interest for the next 6 to 12 months.
Industrialists can also be given some relief through the relief package. So that after the corona, it can be easy for the industry to move forward

Maintain Local supply chain-Main focus of PM Modi's speech
Maintain Local supply chain-Main focus of PM Modi’s speech

Prior to this, the government has announced a relief package of one lakh 70 thousand crore rupees for the poor and workers. After this, the RBI gave many kinds of relief to the people. But now it will be extended further. And this will help more people.
This financial package of 20 lakh crore rupees will be explained in detail by the Finance Minister in the coming days, but according to the big things, informed about this, industries can be given tax concession.
Businessmen can be given exemption in GST. Income tax exemption can be given for common people. Those who will go to take a loan from the bank, those people can get a credit guarantee from the bank. That is, you will not have to give any guarantee if you go for a loan. It may be that the companies get indirect relief from the government to give their employees a salary.

We have to live with corona virus PM Modi;s speech
We have to live with corona virus (PM Modi;s speech)

It is possible that there will be some support from the government in the employees’ provident fund as well. In this economic package, for the farmers, any major relief can be given on irrigation and manure-seeds. The Prime Minister has said that the domestic supply chain has to be strengthened, so it may be that a large amount of economic package should be put in the way of selling the produce of the farmers.
Apart from this, many types of concessions can be given to the new industries that will be set up in India during this crisis of Corona. Because the Prime Minister in his address has emphasized the same thing that we have to turn disaster into an opportunity. It is also being said about the economic package that direct assistance should be given to the poor section of the people i.e. the poor labourers.
Today, the Prime Minister also emphasized on local and also said to be vocal for local. We will tell you what this means and how this mission can make India the economic superpower of the world.

Overall, now land, labour, liquidity and loans will have to be emphasized. In future, India’s future will depend on five pillars. These five pillars are Economy, Infrastructure, Systems, Demography and Demand and Supply. Prime Minister Modi has said that a big quantum leap has to be taken in the matter of economy.

We shall not retreat,we shall fight
We shall not retreat,we shall fight

The third phase of lockdown is in progress. It has been 49 days since the lockdown. On May 17, the third phase of lockdown is coming to an end and now the talk of lockdown-4 is going on. The Prime Minister today made it clear that Corona will remain a part of our life for a long time, but this does not mean that we will allow our goals to go away from ourselves.
Prime Minister Modi has today announced an economic package of 20 lakh crore rupees. This is about 10 per cent of the total GDP of Pakistan. The total GDP of Pakistan is only 24 lakh crores. From this, you can guess how big this relief package is.
Apart from this, Prime Minister Modi has said another important thing today and that is that after lockdown, India will move forward on the strength of duty, hard work and skill. That is, the people of India have to perform duties, adopt diligence and hone their skills. This is the key to the future and India will have to move forward on this basis.

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