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Lock down 3.0- what are terms and concessions

Lock down 3 what are terms and concession

Lock down 3.0- what are terms and concessions

All of you were thinking that on May 4, the lock down will open and you will get freedom from it, but it has not happened, because the government has extended the lock down in the country for two more weeks. That is, the country will now have to remain in lock down for 54 days in total. The lock down was applied for 21 days for the first time and then extended for 19 days but after May 3, the lock down will remain in force for the next 14 days in the country.
That is, the government is asking you to spend a few more days in lock down. However, during this period, some concessions will be given in Red, Orange and Green with conditions. We will tell you further about these concessions, but first of all, we should know why the government had to take such a big decision?

The first thing is that the lock down of 6 weeks so far has given India considerable success in the fight against the corona virus, but if the lock down is removed from the whole country simultaneously on 3 May, then the cases of infection increase rapidly.

The second reason is that in the meeting with the Prime Minister on 27 April, the Chief Ministers of most states had appealed to increase the lock down while some states insisted on continuing the lock down with some concession.

The third reason is that the cases of corona in the country are still increasing. In Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana and Uttar Pradesh, 2 thousand to 10 thousand cases of corona virus have been reported.

The fourth reason is that the government does not want the corona virus to reach the third stage. In the third stage, the infection spreads among communities. It is called community transmission. For the last about a week, 1500 to 2000 new cases of corona virus are coming every day, so the government has to take a decision to increase the lock down.

The fifth reason is that the removal of the lock down starts the movement of people on a large scale, and many people who are infected reach the states or cities where the situation is under control. Therefore, trains will be run for pilgrims, laborers and tourists, but for the remaining people, rail traffic will still be closed and the ban on air travel will continue.

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The government also wants to take care of the health of the people and wants to bring the economy back on track, so different rules have been made for red, orange and green zones. Prime Minister Modi has said that life has to be saved and the mind has to run and this decision has been taken keeping this in mind.

733 districts in the country have been divided into red, orange and green after seeing cases of corona infection. Of these 130 districts are in Red Zone, 284 Districts are in Orange Zone, 319 Districts are in Green Zone. Green Zone means zone – Where no case came in the last 21 days. Red zones are where cases are constantly coming up.

The Red Zone is determined by how many active cases are in these areas, how many cases are doubling here, how much testing is happening here and what is the feedback of the administration teams. Areas that are not in either the Green Zone or the Red Zone are kept in the Orange Zone.

Lock down 3 what are terms and concession
lockdown 3-0 services which will open and which will remain closed in all Three zones

These services will still not open in all three zones
We tell you what rebate you can get from May 4, according to the new guidelines. But before that, you need to know which services will still not open, irrespective of the zone. There will be no air travel until 17 May. Trains will not run, the metro will not run. Bus from one state will not go to another state.

Excluding people connected with essential services, movement from one state to another will be stopped. Schools and colleges will remain closed. Shopping malls, cinema halls, hotels, gyms will remain closed. The temple, mosque, gurudwara, the church will remain closed. There will be no religious, political, social and sports programs. There will be no movement except for essential services from 7 pm to 7 am. People above 65 years of age, children below 10 years and pregnant women will not be able to move out of the house.

Lock down 3 what are terms and concession
concession available in Red Zone

These concessions will be available in the Red Zone
After May 3, you will get many concessions in lock down according to your locality. We tell you about the Red Zone. If your area falls in the red zone, then what discount can you get after May 3. The only condition in this is that your area should be outside the Containment Zone.
Containment zone means that the area is the hot spot of corona infection. No exemption will be available inside the Containment Zone, but the concessions will be available outside the Containment Zone in the Red Zone, in which the offices of companies will be able to open in the urban areas, but they will have to work with 33 per cent employees.
The rest of the employees will have to work from home. Factories will not open. Factories that have been exempted include factories producing daily use goods, factories associated with the entire process of manufacturing medicines and medical equipment, IT hardware, manufacturing factories, companies in the jute industry, packaging manufacturing units Huh.
Construction work will also be started in urban areas, but it will be there only where workers are available at the place of construction work because it is not allowed to bring laborers from outside.

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Malls, markets and market complexes will remain closed, but in urban areas, all types of shops will be able to be opened in neighborhoods and colony shops, residential complexes, be it shops for daily use or non-essential shops. Should be The Ministry of Home Affairs has clarified that liquor shops, as well as non-essential goods shops, will not open in the Red Zone. Liquor shops will open only in Orange and Green zones
You will be able to shop online only for essential goods. Four-wheeler will run only after getting permission in the Red Zone. These will have a maximum of two people in addition to the driver. No one will be able to sit on the bike behind. Cycle rickshaws, auto-rickshaws, taxis, cab services, buses, salons and spas have still not been approved in the Red Zone
Many concessions have been made in the rural areas of the Red Zone. All industries and construction work have been approved in these areas. All shops will be open except for shopping malls. The exemption is given for all types of agricultural works.
Know about the discounts available in the Orange Zone

Lock down 3 what are terms and concession
Orange zone -services relaxation and restriction

Orange zone-What will open and what will remain closed

Now we tell you about the Orange Zone. All those concessions of the Red Zone will be available in these areas. Apart from this, taxi and cab service has also been approved in the Orange Zone after 3 May with conditions. A train can have only one driver and two passengers but you cannot go out of the district. You must travel to your district.

Lock down 3 what are terms and concession
Green zone these services will be allowed

What will be open in the green zone, what will remain closed
Now we tell you about the Green Zone. Schools, colleges, shopping malls, markets, cinema halls, religious places will remain closed here too, but after May 3, all other activities will resume in the Green Zone. The biggest advantage of the green zone is that buses will be able to run in these areas. But only 50 per cent of people will be able to travel with the capacity of seats in buses. Bus depots will operate at 50 per cent less capacity.

An important thing is also that permission has been given to open OPD service and medical clinics of hospitals in all zones. However, they have not been allowed inside the Containment Zone.
By the way, we have to take special care that the basic headlines and preventive measures such as following social giving, it is mandatory to follow them while wearing masks and washing your hands repeatedly, otherwise any green or orange zones have more time to become red Will not take.

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