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The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D Wattles – 16 Lessons to Learn From it

science of getting rich

Money cannot buy happiness, is a common saying prohibiting society from making money. A negative perception of riches and wealth does not allow ordinary people to think beyond limitations. This contrary attitude is so much imbibed in society that it is never wondered. But here arises a query, or rather; we can say a challenge – For how long one can remain happy without money?

For every basic need of life, money is crucial, and no one can deny it. A person incapable of fulfilling the basic needs of him and his family is never happy. Food, shelter and healthcare are essentials for every individual that eventually counts on money. It implies that Money and Happiness do have a connection.

In our society, talking about money is always taboo. Our families and friends instil in us to stay away from it. Dreaming to get rich is certainly not appreciated. We are fed in our minds that ‘Money is not Everything’. It is considered to be the root of all conflicts. This mindset leads us to live an average life as Law of Attraction says, you get what you think.

Of course, money cannot buy happiness, but being wealthy does not take away happiness either. Let us discuss the 16 lessons for getting rich inspired by the book of Wallace D wattles – The Science of Getting Rich.

16 Lessons to Learn to Get Rich in Life

  1. It is our Right to be Rich

The first thing we need to learn is not to get settled with less. Remember, we have all the right to be rich and to live a life of dreams. To achieve it, our mind, body and soul should be in sync with one desire – ‘to be rich’. We must get rich as it affects our family and society as well, in all good ways. Get rid of the thinking that money is not everything as there is nothing in life to be considered everything.

  • Richness – a Matter of Science

The genesis of all tangible things occurs in the mind first, before coming to physical existence. It is a science of origin. Money being tangible can be made using the same concept of science. Luck, talent, education can only support the science behind making money. So depending upon these is not going to help much.

  • Riches – How it comes to You

Wealth gets attracted to people who intend to create it rather than consuming it. A person should have strong willpower and determination to be rich. Getting panic for money does not work. Believe and ask the Universe/God for what you want, and you will get blessed with it. Remember, Supreme powers do not want to see anyone in poor condition, but they grant riches to those only who have a strong desire for it.

  • Think Right

We get what we think. Train our brains to think positively about money. Strongly believe in that thought and trust the universe. Visualize the life that you want to achieve in the present as if it is already there. It is all science behind training the mind and visualizing the life we want to live.

  • Prepare Yourself for the Future, you Want

Learn the skills, techniques required for the life you want to manifest. Dreaming and believing is not enough, start working positively in the direction of your dreams. Avoid negative people and surround yourself with positivity. Be creative and think of the ideas that assist you in achieving the coveted future life.

  • Action in Right Direction

Work hard and remain dedicated to living the life you long for. Procrastination and working in the wrong direction are the most common challenges enough to derail from the path of success.

  • Kindness and Compassion

Money is abundant in nature. The more you give, the more you receive. Be kind and compassionate towards people. Treat them the way you want to get treated. Positive attitude and helping nature get you to success.

  • Reminisce

Wealth is irrespective of caste, culture, religion or geographical conditions. Anyone can claim it. With positive thinking, purpose, belief and hard work, we can get whatever we want. Avoid negative thoughts and competition. Adopt kindness, gratitude and continuous efforts to achieve the desired life.

  • Promote Others

Encourage and promote people for their targets. Show the right direction and provide an opportunity to others, whenever and wherever it is possible. Making way for others to succeed takes us closer to our success.

  1. Choose Right Business

Choose the profession or business according to your skills. If you are not skilled enough, either prepare for it or switch the job. Our body and mind work proficiently, only if we are skilled, according to the business needs. It keeps the passion alive till the target is achieved.     

  1. Efficient Action

As already said, dreaming should be followed by actions. Without an efficient step in the right direction, we cannot get it fulfilled.

  1. Show Gratitude

Develop the habit of showing gratitude. It shuns the negative thoughts and attracts like-minded people, speeding up our success rate. 

  1. Intend to Eradicate Poorness

Will to eradicate poorness is appreciable. But one can give a good life to others when he is rich. Study richness to remove poverty rather than learning about poorness. If you are rich, you can provide several opportunities to people to eradicate poverty.

  1. Work for a Purpose

It’s believed, that God has sent everyone for a purpose. Find that purpose of your life, nurture it and give the best to achieve it. Keep mental and spiritual awareness high. It assists in dealing with unfavourable situations. Avoid the feeling of helplessness and keep the spirits high with clear intentions in mind. Be a producer, not a consumer and serve society with your purpose in life.

  1. Think and Grow – Principle of Life

Everything starts from our thoughts – negative or positive. Your thoughts can make you rich or poor, accordingly. By working on our thought process, we can achieve whatever we want. Thinking right is the essential principle of life to grow. Live in present, and be aware of your thoughts, as we get what we think most of the time.

  1. Is Opportunity Monopolized?

It is a general mind-set of people that few lucky people only get the opportunities to increase their wealth. This belief has no truth as, just like any other natural process, opportunities, are also in abundance in nature. The problem lies in that we either do not recognize it or ignore it. Those who grab the opportunities get the benefit.

Just as any natural disaster never spares anyone in the name of caste or religion, in the same manner, opportunities are also open for everyone; one has to be aware to notice them. 

These 16 lessons can be life-changing lessons for those who believe in positivity and are determined to live a wealthy life. After all, to do any single thing, we need money. Change the thought process and live the life you always wanted to live but feared to accept.

Every day is a bank account, and time is our currency. No one is rich, no one is poor, we’ve got 24 hours each.” –Christopher Rice

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