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3 Key rules for Effective Mindfulness Meditation

3 Key rules Mindfullness meditation

Every individual desire to be successful and wealthy. But a few blessed with the feather in the cap are those who are mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. Holistic Well Being enables a person to fight the hardships and troubles of life and instils inner confidence.

Most human beings are aware of physical health and are constantly striving for it. But do you think that only physical health is enough for us? No, absolutely not.

It is essential to understand the importance of mental health too which is often misunderstood. In the hustle-bustle of today’s hectic life, stress and worries accompanying each step, it is quintessential to have mental peace to make it to a destination. A calm and focused mind will be able to handle situations better and will make well-thought-out decisions. These people gradually create new dimensions of success.

But how will this happen?

We all come at some point in life that tests our mental capacity and strength. Instead of waking up at that moment, we have to be prepared in advance.

And for this, there is a need to include meditation in our daily routine. This is something that successful people swear by and attribute success to it. Somewhere in the journey of becoming a great personality, meditation plays a crucial role.

Due to the countless benefits of meditation, many big names today openly advocate for people to adopt meditation. They have come to know the secret of the power inside meditation which can completely change a person’s life.

Benefits of Meditation

Although there are numerous benefits of meditation, we list out some important ones here.

  • Reduces Stress.
  • Improves Health.
  • Enhances Positivity.
  • Increases Happiness.
  • Enhances Attention Span.
  • Empowers Memory.
  • Cures Anxiety and Depression.
  • Lowers Blood pressure.
  • Promotes anti-aging Process.
  • Improves Sleeping Pattern.

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice in which a person ceases his mind from wandering here and there by focusing and putting attention on one thing.

This technique brings our mind to a calm and stable state and helps in improving awareness in one place.

There are different techniques of meditation, and we can choose any of the forms at our convenience.

Here we are going to discuss Mindfulness meditation. (Check our blog on Mindfulness Meditation).

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Mindfulness Meditation is a technique that revolves around the breathing process. In this meditation, we pay attention to our senses and feel them at the moment. Bring your awareness over again to breathe if it wanders to other places. Don’t force yourself; come back every time without reckoning the thoughts.

Every meditation technique needs regular practice. Giving up is easy but to receive the maximum benefits, regularity and consistency are of the utmost importance.

3 Key Rules for Effective Mindfulness

1. Fix the Time

To bring anything into the routine, it is necessary to fix its time and keep yourself available at that time every day for that particular task. The same thing applies to meditation.

Fix the time, and make sure to sit for meditation at that time. Exert yourself for morning time, considering this is the best suited time for meditation.

By following a fixed pattern every day, gradually your mind will get used to it and automatically you will be drawn towards meditation at that specific time.

2. Fix the Place

Having a fixed place of meditation is the second key rule. Fixing a place makes our mind and body comfortable with that, and we can focus better. We cannot expect consciousness and awareness with changing places as every time our mind gets busy in making itself comfortable with the new place.

3. Make it a Ritual

Like we said that it takes time to form a habit, and before that many times we think of giving up, sometimes due to lack of time, sometimes due to lack of results and sometimes due to mere laziness. But to get something good, we must follow those habits and principles without any excuse which will help us to reach our destination.

Follow Mindfulness as a ritual at a scheduled time every day. In the absence of time, do it for a lesser time, but the important thing is to maintain the daily practice.

Meditation has innumerable benefits and by adopting it we can lead a better life. The most special thing about meditation is that we do not have to give anything in return. We get so many benefits without spending any money. Meditation makes us better human being in every aspect, so just go for it.

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