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Abla (अबला) Hindi poem by Mahadev “premi”

abla hindi poem

Today’s Hindi poem title- abla (अबला) is dedicated to our women power. Woman power, which has been referred to as Avala since ancient times, is being treated unfairly whereas, in reality, she is Durga Swaroopani, powerful, restraint, disciplined personality who also have patience like an ocean.

अवला नहिं शक्ति-शाली ,है दुर्गा का रूप,
नर जीवन देने वाली,है रिश्तों का स्वरूप,

रिश्तों का स्वरूप,जाग उठी शिक्षित नारी,
संवेदन का श्रोत,बनी ये अवला नारी,

इनकी गाथा इतिहासों में भरी पड़ी है,
बीच खेत झांसी की रानी युद्ध लड़ी हैं,

“प्रेमी” देवी रूप ,बनी ये नारी सवला,
बन समाज की ढाल,नहिं है ये अव अवला।

Meaning In English

She is not helpless ,but a form of Mother Durga

She is the creator of man,she is form of relation

Bearer of relation,now the literate woman has awaken

she is the source of sensibility now that helpless woman

Story of this has been found in every scripture in the history

Jhansi queen fighting in the middle of battle field

Premi” says that this deity form woman is now powerful

she is the safe guard of the society,and no more is helpless.

रचियता- महादेव प्रेमी

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