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Corona crisis changed family traditions-Family Day special

world family day special

Corona crisis changed family traditions-Family Day special
This institution called family became very important and family support became the key to success. The concept of family may be new in the West, but in India, the family has been considered very important in every era. In Indian culture, the world is also seen as a family. India is the only country that gave the message of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam to the world and we still believe that in every moment of happiness and sorrow we should stand with the world.

world family day special
world family day special-Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam

The celebration of Family Day started in the year 1993. And its purpose is to spread awareness on family related issues. But you will be surprised to know that there was no concept of family in the beginning of civilization and as humans progressed, the community started to divide into small parts and from here the family originated.
Some historians argue that the family started when humans learned to do agriculture. Because of doing agriculture, humans reduced hunting and they started farming on different parts of the land. The family started to decide the ownership of this agriculture land. Because in the event of death of a person, this land could be transferred to his family.

Overall, the family brought stability in the developmental journey of humans, and this same sense of stability gradually developed into communities, society and then the nation.

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Usually a family starts when a woman and man are married and later they give birth to a child, but the practice of marriage is also considered to be around 4300 years old.
It is said that marriage started in Mesapotamia in 2350 BC. And its purpose was to decide the right successor.

But you would be surprised to know that despite this practice, women were considered to be of secondary status in the family and for the first time in the early 20th century women got the right to vote. After this, the importance of husband and wife in the family became equal to each other, and the modern form of families that you see is part of this development sequence.

Even if we consider the whole world to be our family, but the truth is that the size of the families has gradually reduced.

According to a recent United Nations report, 65 percent of the families in the world are such that there are only children apart from husband and wife. That is, the practice of joint family is slowly ending.

Large families were considered important because they create a sense of security. But now people are becoming self-sufficient and due to pressure of work and other problems they have to stay away from joint family.

But despite this self-sufficiency, 8 percent of the world’s families are living in terrible poverty. Despite such progress, the number of homeless people in many countries of Europe is also increasing rapidly and 20 percent of these homeless are families.

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Experts of the world have feared that due to corona virus, the number of homeless families may increase very fast. The reason for this is that a large number of jobs have ended due to the corona virus and now people do not have the ability to pay house rent or loan.

Governments of different countries of the world claim that they are providing some kind of financial help to families living in poverty. But the truth is that there are 45 percent of the families in the world who do not get any financial help.

That is, it is not easy to manage a family and take care of the needs of the family in today’s era. Corona virus has made this task more difficult. But the truth is that it is almost impossible to fight this battle without family, and you will not be able to win it until you get your family’s support in it.

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Here you have to consider one more thing. You must have seen that when people used to fall ill earlier, their extended family used to come with them and people and friends of the neighborhood would also become part of the family. But all this is changing in the era of Corona virus. But now as soon as people get news of someone getting infected with corona, people keep distance from that person and his family. People are afraid to ask about the condition of the person, even those who have become victims of infection are also afraid of social exclusion.

Coronavirus is also such a time of grief and this crisis has given a new dimension to the importance of family. This is the reason that in this hour of trouble everyone wants to return to their family. Whether a millionaire or a labourer, the family is the biggest support for everyone at this time. There is a strange power in the family and because of this power, everyone ultimately wants to stay with the family.


  1. Dr. Garima Jain

    In my view the concept of family should not be limited to home . In this unprecedented time people in our society or work place are also like a family. So we must extend
    our helping hand and be benevolent.

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