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International family day-15Th May

Happy International Family Day

Family’ is a strong pillar of every person’s life, let us know special things about this International family day.

International Family Day is celebrated all over the world. Every year International Family Day, celebrated in the month of May, is celebrated to spread awareness among the youth about the importance of joint family and the need of a family. Let’s know why International Family Day is celebrated and what is history.

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International Family Day is celebrated worldwide on 15 May every year. It was started in 1993 as an initiative of the United Nations General Assembly to connect global community families and to spread awareness about issues related to families, to inform them about the economic processes affecting families.
In 1996, International Family Day was celebrated for the first time. The theme at that time was “Family: First Victims of Poverty and Homelessness”. However, this time the theme is ‘Family and Climate Relations’.

International Family Day
My family my strength

The insignia of International Family Day is a round circle of green color inside which the house is built, with a heart made of it. Which represents the center of the society i.e. the family. Meaning society is incomplete without family.

Happy International Family Day
Happy International Family Day-Stay home to fight with Corona

Most of the themes of International Family Day help to raise awareness about children’s education, poverty, family balance and social issues for the well being of families around the world.
In Corona catastrophe when we are all imprisoned in our homes. The whole world is following situation like lockdown. We have truly realized the importance of family. For the first time, children have spent time with their parents. Spouse has understood each other closely. It seems that the way in the family is being taken care of to grow Budho, all of them are creating a good world.

Family is our big strength
Family is our big strength

In fact, for the first time, this day will be considered as a special and will be celebrated with fully understanding the messages conveyed by this day., even if it is inadvertently true, but this International Family Day will be unforgettable in history.

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