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Daughter-The greatest blessing on the Earth

Today is my daughter Anushka’s birthday. I feel proud to receive such a unique gift from God. I am thinking that any gift given on her birthday will not match what I received herself as a gift. My daughter turned 18. How fast time flies. It was only a few days ago when I would use to make her sit on my feet and cuddle her. Sometimes the daughter also asks me… why did I get older? I would laugh and say, Maybe I could not notice when a prince will steal you. Daughter says Papa I will not go anywhere, and whenever I go will take you along with me. My heart goes on sad. People say that daughter is someone else wealth. May I say that no wealth in the world can equal a daughter.

Father daughter -sacred thread
Father daughter -sacred thread

You must have read and heard about ‘Beti Bachao’ campaign in newspapers, TV news. Although many NGOs, PSA (Public Service Announcement), documentary are making efforts to awaken people for this. I am appalled to read this news about how one can even think of destroying this beautiful blessing. I think this is the biggest curse on humanity.

I feel disheartned and pray for the society.We should all voice against this abominable, punishable crime. Because until the people of the society do not warn and raise their voice against this, then no one knows how many innocent people will be strangled in the womb and even if they accidentally came into this world, before their little eyes opened Will be closed.

Gender inequality and discrimination is major concern
Gender inequality and discrimination is major concern

People of India worship Maa Lakshmi for the attainment of wealth, prosperity, worship Maa Saraswati for wisdom, wisdom, and pleasing mother Kali to overcome their enemies. But when the same women want to come to his house as a girl, then this thing is considered exasperating to them and they kill them in the womb itself. They like these ladies only in idols and photos, what is their work in real life. Like women, these girls become a burden, a pain for them.

At present, women hold many important positions in India. Where a woman is embellishing the highest position in India. On the other hand, the increasing cases of female feticide in India are making this image tainted. India is also a victim of corruption due to the conservative mindset. Unfortunately, these sins are eclipsing Lakshmi of this country.

Today girls have surpassed them not only as boys. Kiran Bedi, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Kalpana Chawla, PT Usha, Sania Mirza, Saina Nehwal have gained fame not just in India but also internationally.

Aishwarya Rai, Sushmita Sen, Priyanka Chopra, Lara Dutta brought the glory of Indian beauty and wisdom to the world. Ekta Kapoor changed the look of Indian television serials. In recent years, there has also been a pleasant increase in the percentage of women in government and non-government institutions.

Ab ke baras mohe bitiyaa hi deejo
Ab ke baras mohe bitiyaa hi deejo

Today, the woman has become a mistress of a strong person, not an abla, locked in the four walls of the house. Women’s power also dominates in all fields of sports, business, film, politics, advocacy, medicine etc.

Despite all this, many people suffer from the same thinking that the boy is better. Today, there are many such districts and states in India where the number of girls out of 1000 boys is only 850 to 950. If this situation remains so, then a day will come when 2.50 crore men of the country will be deprived of marriage and they will have to spend their lives alone.

People believe that such ideology is due to lack of higher education. But surprisingly, this ideology is increasing among educated people today. The recent census has yielded shocking results. Disturbing sex ration is found more on states where literacy rate is high.
These figures have made us wonder where this inequality of sex ratio is taking us. Medieval evils in modern society make us wonder whether the birth of a daughter in India is as acceptable and exciting in society as the sons ..

अंतरात्मा का संवाद -हिंदी कविता डा. संजय जैन द्वारा रचित

You girls are the cornerstone of the home. It is impossible to imagine life without a girl. The girl has to have many characters in society, for example, they live the life of a daughter, they prove to be very obedient and accomplished wife, while they become an excellent sister or mother. It will not be wrong that there are many stages in a girl’s life. But for many, their existence appears to be a major curse prevalent in the male-dominated society. He is given ill treatment by some filthy and narrow minded people.

People have forgotten that she is also the creator of an heir, a son to the family who leads his family to the next generation. In other words, an entire life depends on a single girl. The filling is the most important social awareness issue in relation to saving girls across the country today. There are many effective measures in which a girl can be saved to a great extent.

A daughter can make the both world heaven
A daughter can make the both world heaven

There is a high level of poverty in the society which is the main cause of illiteracy and gender inequality in Indian society. Education is thus an essential element for reducing poverty and gender discrimination and improving the status of girls and women in Indian society. According to the data, female literacy has steadily declined in Odisha, where girls do not have equal access to education and other activities.

Education is deeply connected to employment. Poor education means low level of employment which causes poverty and gender inequality in the society. Education is the most effective way to improve the condition of women by making them financially independent. The government is taking steps to protect girls and boys to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women in society. The Bollywood actor (Parineeti Chopra) was the official ambassador for the brand of recent PM patterns to save the girl (Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao).

Overall, I would like to say that we understand this, consider a daughter the most precious blessing given by God and not considering her a burden. Change your mindset towards daughter. generations after generations, your right thinking and respect will be the most precious gift given to your daughter on her birthday.

Make In India-Success Story
Make In India-Success Story


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  2. Dr. Garima Jain

    What an astounding way to express your perception with sensitivity.A daughter can never abandon her father’s heart. Wishing ANUSHKA a very happy birthday.

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