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Discover the Purpose of Life-How to Live a meaningful life

purpose of life-living a meaningful life

“If we live an unconscious life, without purpose, life just happens to us.” – Dr Kate Siner

What is life without a purpose?
It is like living incoherent life. We are physically present, breathing and existing, but there is no sense of purpose of our existence. This purposeless life can never give a sight of satisfaction to a person.

Purpose of Life – What does it mean?
The purpose of life is that very special goal for which we wake up daily, a goal that keeps us motivated to live our life joyously. A life with purpose is a prime factor of happiness. One will always feel restless, dissatisfied and discontent without a purpose in life. Regardless of the growth, a person achieves in his personal and professional life, at the end of the day, he never feels fully satisfied if his purpose of existence is missing. A person without life’s purpose might be rich in terms of wealth but always feels a sense of emptiness in his life.

Discover the purpose of life, fotokart, purpose of life
Discover the purpose of life,

How to Discover the Purpose of Life?
What is that one thing that makes you forget about almost everything else in the world? What is the one thing, doing that, you feel happy from the inside? What is that one thing that you would love to do over and over again, tirelessly, without getting bored?
That one thing is the actual purpose of your life. That one thing is the thing for which God has sent you on Earth. That one thing is the thing that will give inner happiness to you and authentic meaning to your life.

Let’s Check the Various Ways of Discovering the Purpose of Life-
1. Pursue your hobbies- Explore your interests.
Pursuing your passion or hobby always lowers down the stress and contributes to inner happiness. Hobbies not just make you happy, but build your confidence too, making you an interesting person! As you reach a higher state of happiness by exploring your interests, you may also discover the purpose of your life.
2. What kind of stuff you like the most on social media?
Always notice what you post about on social media, what kind of stuff gets your likes and what things keep you engaged.(apart from futile surfing) The topics that get your attention the most and where you always feel to put your thoughts in could serve as a purpose of your life. So, always be alert and pay attention while checking social media.
3. Be adventurous- Always ask yourself “What inspires me?”
“Adventure may hurt you, but monotony will kill you” – Marcus Purvis
Adventures always give an adrenaline rush and thus a higher level of happiness. Have you ever observed the joy, the feeling that one experiences while travelling a new country, or while taking a joy ride, or while chit-chatting with new people? One always feels happy, satisfied and motivated during an adventurous trip and this can indirectly show us the purpose of our life. Keep exploring and keep your adventures spree on!

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4. Listen to people’s feedback about you.
What do your fellow mates think about you? Do they take you as a good teacher, who explains things in outstanding ways or do they often say that you have a good sense of dressing? Any feedback about you, given by the people around, should not be ignored. Sometimes these feedbacks give us a greater purpose to our life. So, always listen to what others have to say about you.
5. Think about the time when you experienced the greatest joy of your life.
Make a list of all the activities that you enjoyed the most and experienced glee while doing that. Now, arrange them from the most to least enjoyed moment. It could be anything- from telling stories to baking that flavoursome cake to travelling or even the time when you helped someone in getting their assignment done. Whichever activity you enjoyed the most could be the purpose of your life.
6. Take a test.
Nowadays, numerous online tests and questionnaires are available which can easily assist you in evaluating your purpose in life based on the answers given by you. These tests are easy to take and can be the quickest way to get an idea of your life’s purpose based on your thoughts.
7. Reading books.
Number of books are available that explain about life’s purpose, its importance and how to discover it. One can take the help of the experiences and incidents shared by great authors in the books to discover the purpose of life.

purpose of life change one's life
purpose of life change one’s life

Purpose of life changes one’s life
A person feels happier, more content and successful when he lives his life with a purpose. Purpose makes life more meaningful, keeping us motivated to do something that makes us happy and inspired every day and that passion alive in us!

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