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6 Business lessons to learn from Mother Nature

6 business language learn from mother nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Everyone must have experienced that when something upsets us or we are looking for the answers to problems in our life and at that point of time if we choose to go close to nature then everything looks settled and resolved. We always get answers to our problems in the lap of Mother Nature.

Mother nature grow
Mother nature grow tenderly

God’s every small creation has one or another important lesson to teach, that can support us in living a happy and successful life. Mother Nature has always fought in adverse circumstances and has successfully come up as a winner. We can learn important life lessons from nature that can assist us in leading an efficient life with positive well-being.

Let’s check six important lessons that one must learn from nature to achieve success in their business.

  1. Balance

Everything in life requires balance. Extreme is always hazardous, be it life, nature or business. A balanced approach helps an individual to grow exponentially. This balanced approach can be well learnt from Nature.

Ecological systems are generally in a stable equilibrium, any small change gets corrected by nature itself, bringing back the balance in the system. It can be well understood with the examples of food chains and balance in seasons.

We should imply the same balance in our business to keep a stable equilibrium at our workplace. Our team members should be treated with a balanced approach. Extremist behaviour and imperfect handling should be avoided in an organization to attain a healthy and stable environment.

  •  Survival is Supreme

Nature is all about survival of the fittest. Every creature knows the importance of its survival and fights for it. They develop a requisite defence mechanism to confront the predators. They move in groups, run fast, get camouflaged, and even make alerting sounds in self-defence.

In the business world too, one has to fight for survival and progression. If anyone tries to suppress you or smother your business, you must resist it by fighting back, instead of giving up. Do everything in your power for the survival of your business.

Power for survival of business

  •  Performance is the Key

One thing to learn from Mother Nature is that it never promotes gender, caste or religion. For nature all the creatures are equal, be it lion, deer, elephant or alligator. Whoever performs well grabs the opportunity to grow.

Organisations where performances are promoted, always nurture. Businesses where people are given responsibilities based on caste, gender or relationship, never see success for a longer period. Various companies have suffered losses and seen a downfall because of promoting relations over performances.

  •  Low Wastage
Low wastage

What nature produces, utilizes completely to grow and cultivate. Be it plants, leaves or seeds, everything is utilized completely by nature with zero wastage. Nature always tries to keep the bio-cycle intact, by promoting no wastage of resources.

Business organizations need to learn this very important lesson from Nature. If we look around there are various zones where resources are wasted which indirectly promote monetary loss to our business. The use of paper instead of e-notes, use of disposables, electricity wastage, chemical wastage and water wastage are few very common examples that should be stopped or should at least be minimized. These small things, if worked upon, can bring big changes to the organization.

  •  Evolve and Grow

If you cannot evolve, then you are bound to failNature’s Theory. Species that readily adapted to changes survived while those who failed to adapt to the changing environment died and got extinct. There are many examples where creatures couldn’t evolve with time and today we read about them in books.

Businesses should always keep updating with the new trends in the market. One should always be ready to evolve through learning new skills and by following the market trends. It will help them to survive and grow in the business. One must fine-tune their services or products according to the demand of the market. Businesses that work on customer’s needs and demands always evolve and grow.

Patience and trust

  •  Patience and Trust

Nature teaches us to be patient and to trust the process. We all have observed how a small seed turns into a huge tree but the important thing we skip to notice is that it is the time that has been consumed in the whole process. A tree doesn’t grow in a day; it’s a result of perseverance, trust and patience for many years.

Businesses also need time to flourish. One cannot expect triumph in a day; it takes a lot of hard work and a calculated time frame. One needs to rely on the course and to be patient to become a successful businessman.

Always remember, Mother Nature has a solution to every problem, one just has to trust, observe and learn from her!

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