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HAPPY DOCTOR’S DAY-Artistic Expression

Happy Doctors day

On July 1, the whole country is celebrating Doctor’s Day, Dr. Garima Jain is a doctor by profession, expressing her feelings on Doctors Day through her unique talent of making painting.

The celebration of Doctor’s Day is an endeavour to highlight the value
of doctors who have made relentless efforts irrespective of odd
In our country, the majority of the population lives in a rural area where
medical conditions are abysmal. There is a need to ensure quality
healthcare services in such impoverished corners.
I’ve made a WORLI  painting ( folk art of Maharashtra) depicting a
village scene having rural health care with quality infrastructure
like emergency OPD, Laboratory, X-ray. , ECG, operation theatre and
referral to higher centre by airlifting.

In the middle is the TARPA DANCE. Village folks are swaying graciously
entwining their hands. Their contentment seems to know no bounds.It
reflects the utmost need for health care services in a rural area so that no
one is deprived of a healthy life.

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