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Herd Immunity-A tool to control COVID-19 Infection

Herd immunity-an effective tool to control covid-19 infection

If a controlled herd immunity develops in India, it will help to prevent this epidemic to a great extent.

Herd immunity is a by-product of any epidemic. The whole country has come under the grip of Coronavirus. The first 21 days was locked down was over on 14th April, but, it has been further extended to 19 days and now it is still May 3.
In such a situation, it is necessary that you take full care of your health,
Include such substances in your diet which increase the body’s resistance,- fruits, fruits, salad etc.
People have been paying a heavy price as their job and aya during lockdown, though this has helped to reduce the number of deaths and spread of the disease to a great extent.
If you pay attention to the report of Imperial College of London, where it is said that once we all get out of the house after the end of Lokdhovan period, there are high chances of increasing the curve of Infection.

Herd Immunity in Indian community against Covid-19
Herd Immunity in Indian community against Covid-19

In such a situation, herd immunity is the only weapon to prevent this deadly virus. We have to find the balance between loss of life and economic impact by COVID 19
The lock-down period cannot be increased further because it will have the opposite effect on our economy. We have a large number of labourers working daily and they will have to face double whammy on one side the corona epidemic and unemployment on the other side.

We have three ways to control this surge, first to continue lockdown, second is to control the infection until a vaccine arrives. The third option is to develop herd immunity. The first two options will have a disastrous impact on the economy and the livelihood of many Indians.

Herd immunity is the product of any epidemic Herd immunity also develops by itself as the epidemic spreads. Britain’s Chief Scientific Advisor Patrik Wallick recently talked about developing hair immunity in the UK and for this 60 percent of the community was allowed to be infected with the virus. It is an old school of medical science

In India, 65 per cent of the population belongs to young people, in such a situation, the effect of infection will be less on the large young population and a healthy population.
In spite of its young population, heavy air pollution and uncontrolled hypertension , diabetes in India are factors that are very sensitive.
We need to increase preventive activities to control contagion This strategy includes expanding investigation, social distancing from each other, stopping crowds, wearing masks, prohibit spitting outside in public spaces, self-correcting elderly and high-risk populations, and regularly increasing health system capacity

The travel and work restrictions can be removed by linking the person’s antibody status to the Aadhaar card

Herd immunity-an effective tool to control covid-19 infection
Herd immunity-an effective tool to control covid-19 infection

As we have seen in recent history ,Polio pox and measles have immunized almost the entire population of the world. Due to polio vaccine in major children population, the remaining children also become immune. The famous economist Swaminathan Air believes that lock-down is not an effective solution, but it is a danger of infection in everyone soon lockdown period ends.
The lockdown period can not be for ever, despite the virus, people will have to feed their family.

Herd Protection can provide a protective shield to the youth of India and can help in recovering from this disease.

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