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Immunity booster tips in the Covid Crisis Period

Corona crisis- healthy lifestyle changes to improve immunity

If you want to fight against corona, then disease-resistant immunity has to be cured and strengthened. This can be done by making some improvements in your lifestyle and food.

Now when we are in lockdown period our physical activity is reduced, it is not right for our health and disease resistant capacity of the body Now to fight it, then we have to strengthen our immune system

In order to prevent infection, we are following the rules of staying inside the home, following social distancing, washing hands frequently with soap using a mask. But we should also use some tips to increase disease resistance or immunity

First tipSet the routine
We are at home. Our routine is not fixed; Waking up late at night, sleeping till late morning. Eating cold stale food, etc. Many problems can arise from this bad routine like indigestion, indigestion, acidity, acidity. Diabetes and cardiovascular patients may also have problems, it is important to keep abstinence at this difficult time.

Corona crisis- healthy lifestyle changes to improve immunity
A sound sleep improves the immune function of body (source image-Unsplash)

Second tipA good sound sleep to stay healthy
Adequate and good sleep increases disease resistance; Now that we are at home, it is important that we sleep early at night and wake up in the morning. If you wake up early in the morning, you will sleep early at night. Try to regularize this routine. By regulating sleep you will feel refreshed and energetic.
Diabetic heart patients especially obese patients need to get enough sleep to keep their status in control

Corona crisis- healthy lifestyle changes to improve immunity
Water-a part of maintaining all body function alert and active source image-Unsplash)

Third tip-Consume enough Water
In this lockdown period, while most of our time will be spent watching TV or sleeping, it is obvious that we are less prone to walking in such a position,
but it does not mean that you drink less water. A sufficient amount of water is required to run from it. It is summertime, the need for water increases. Due to lack of water, strange tiredness and heaviness starts feeling in the body.
The patient who is suffering from kidney problems should take the advice from the doctor and make sure of water only.

Corona crisis- healthy lifestyle regular yoga
Regular Yoga and Meditation a must for stay fit and healthy (source image-Unsplash)

Fourth tip-Regular exercise

Regular exercise is the only physical activity that you can do during this lockdown period. If you know yoga or any exercise, then do it.

Play a song and dance on it, It is a kind of cardio exercise. For mental balance and satisfaction, closing the eyes for 15 or 20 minutes, chanting any mantra that is in meditation posture will also calm your mind.

Regular exercise 15 ya 20-minute both in the morning and evening will not only keep you healthy but will also increase your immunity

Corona crisis- healthy food and lifestyle changes
Healthy food and Inclusion of Nutrients Source image-Unsplash)

Fifth tip- Diet rich with Vitamins and protein

Although the body needs all kinds of nutritious substances, but to increase disease resistance, there is a need for vitamin D, vitamin C and antioxidant zinc along with protein. Mixing the flour with milk, pulses with rice or khichdi, sambhar with idli can increase the quantity and quality of food.
Khaman idli and yoghurt are rich in probiotics which keep our digestive system intact. Omega 3 bursting acid, which is found in the stand such as death, cowpea, kidney beans, chickpeas, etc., take plenty of it. It increases the vigour of fighting disease. Nothing better than sunlight for vitamin stand up on your balcony or terrace in the morning time and get direct sunlight on your body

Time to eat is also taken care of, for example, 2 hours after waking up in the morning, keep breakfast at intervals of 3 or 4 hours. Eat dinner before 4 or 6 o’clock, do not consume such substances which are difficult to digest, eat fibrous and fresh food.
It is difficult to regularize our daily routine by staying indoors, but it is not impossible at all. To fight the infection, we not only have to stay focus on its’ prevention but we also have to keep our body ready for unfortunate infection. Our natural disease-resistant immunity can fight infection.

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