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History of Valentine’s Day

Wooden Crafted Love Couple for Anniversary

Everyone celebrates valentine’s day but no one exactly knows the reason why this day is celebrated. People are not interested to know the reason why this day is celebrated, how important this day is, from where it is started, or what its importance is for others. It is one of the biggest days of the year because it is celebrated by lovers. Valentine’s day is celebrated on a fixed date in february that is 14th february that is mid february and according to the tradition it is said that lovers usually exchange gifts on this day. There are most commonly three gifts on valentines day that are flowers, cards, chocolate. You must be thinking why only they are used, why not any other gift is used. There is also a reason behind it. Let us discuss the details about why this valentine’s day is celebrated? Where does it originate? Why only flowers, cars and chocolates are most commonly gifted?


Valentine’s day is celebrated in the honor of Saint Valentine, He was a catholic clergyman who lived in Roem and he was from the third century. This festival gets more popular as the year passes and now it has become the most common festival which is celebrated by everyone on the day 14th february to express their love and care to their partner. 


The flower tradition on valentine’s day started in the 17th century. As the roses are known as the symbol of love so these are used as gifts on valentine’s day. The rose is the favorite flower of Venus, the goddess of love. Roses stood for strong feelings, so people started using roses to express their feelings to their partner. From the 17th century lovers started giving roses to express their feelings to the other person.


In school we ll have given cards to our classmates or teachers on different occasions but do you know where it started ?  Of course you don’t know.  The tradition of valentine cards started in 1415, when Charles the duke of orleans wrote a poem for his wife when he was imprisoned in the Tower of London on the day of valentine. From the 16th century this origin has taken an origin but from the 19th century it has become the most popular tradition to give cards on valentine’s day. It is a very special way to show Love to your partner.


What if Valentine’s day is celebrated without chocolates? Chocolates have their own importance on Valentine’s day. Chocolates were brought from the old world to the new by some Spanish explorers. We should thank him for this because of him only chocolates have become this much important.  


Nowadays if people want to celebrate any special day or want to express their feelings to others they will buy a bouquet of roses,  a card, or a box of chocolates to show there ;love and care. This can be the best way.  Now, you know what is the history behind the importance of chocolates, roses, and cards on valentine’s day. 


Don’t just follow this old tradition, just try to make some new traditions also. Find more creative ideas to celebrate this special day of your life. And different ways to express love to your partner.

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