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Life and Business Lessons to Learn from 4 Seasons

Life and business lesson to be learned from 4 seasons

“Seasons are like life. Some seasons are better than others. Some have more sun and rainbows. Others have storms and tornadoes. Some have both. You have to accept that and bring colour and light to the season you’re in as best you can and always look forward to the next season”.– Cathy Lamb

If we observe diligently we’ll see that nature never fails to surprise us with numerous valuable lessons it has in store. One has to be a keen observer to understand these life-changing lessons.

We discussed few such lessons by Mother Nature in one of our previous blogs;

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As they say that nature has endless information to share, so we are here again to discuss, this time the discussion is about four seasons and what we should learn from them. This topic is inspired by the thoughts shared by renowned author and motivational speaker Jim Rohn in his book – The Seasons of Life. He said, “You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself”. He insisted that seasons occur not only in nature but in life and business also.

Let’s dig into some of his teachings connecting seasons with life and business for a better existence.

Lesson from  four season of nature
Lesson from four season of nature

The Four Major Lessons

It’s a general observation that people focus on minor things and give their major time to them. Doing major in minor things can never give the desired success in life and business. One should constantly focus on studying major things rather than killing time on minor things to get a hold on success.

Changing seasons in nature, life and business cannot be ignored or skipped. We cannot remove the time and months from the calendar. We must understand that seasons or times cannot be changed but our attitude and approach towards life during these hard times can be changed. This can help us in coping up effectively with the trying times. Let’s learn what each season teaches us.

  1. Winters – Be Strong and Hopeful

Winters in life are connected with the times when all goes wrong and brings everything upside down. It tests you for how strong you are. Remember, nothing is permanent. We should learn to be hopeful for the future and to handle difficult times in life. These are the times when instead of wishing for no problems, we should focus on learning skills.

Develop the skills, seek growth through wisdom and transform yourself into a better and stronger being. Remind yourself of the difficult times faced in the past and how strongly you dealt with them. Always be hopeful that just like winters, difficult moments will pass and spring will come bringing better times with it.

  1. Spring – Bloom, Flourish and Grab the Opportunity

Spring signifies colours, life and beauty. It brings opportunities to flourish in life and business. It depicts new things in life – it could be a new job, new relationship or new business. Things start blooming and flourishing. Use this favourable time to sow new plants.

But however colourful it is, one must not forget Spring often comes for a limited time followed by fall. So a very important thing to learn is – take advantage. Prepare yourself for the fall during your flourishing good times as spring never commits for good times in fall too.

  • Summer – Nourish and Protect 

Summer is the time to water our plants and to pluck out weeds, thus protecting what we sowed in Spring. Weeds are those intruders that attack our hard-earned values. It is an ancient practice on this planet that good things, good people are always targeted and attacked to prevent them to grow. 

We need to learn skills to nourish and protect our life, relationship, friendship, business. Every garden needs to be secured. Hold strongly that is yours and do whatever best you can to safeguard it from invaders. They will act as an obstacle to stop you from reaching your target but Never Lose your Goal.

  • Fall – Reap without Complain

Fall is the time to harvest. Things that we started in Spring comes to an end in Fall. If we planted good seeds, protected our crop, this is the time to rejoice. It is the celebration time as we succeeded in our target. What if it does not end well?

This season teaches us to accept the result gracefully, whether it is favourable or non-favourable. We must accept and take responsibility for the end instead of complaining and blaming others. It is time to show the highest form of human maturity. Blaming others for failure will never help save whatever is left. Learn from the experience and start it all over again. Don’t forget that everyone has failures and disappointments, accept them, learn from them and move on.

Hope is the foundation of peaceful soul
Hope is the foundation of peaceful soul

It is said that the only thing that remains constant is change. We cannot control it, so better to accept it. Learn from it, keep yourself prepared and get the desired success.

Fotokart-an ace of marketplace
Fotokart-an ace of marketplace

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