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Population Bill-Necessity of time

Population bill-necessity of time

The time has come when the country is in dire need of a population control law.
As of now, India still stands second in the world in terms of population and if the pace of progress remains the same then soon we will overtake China.
Every year the figures of rising unemployment show that if the situation remains the same then it can be explosive at any time.
We are dreaming of becoming a $ 5 trillion economy, our policy implementation is aiming towards reaching this goal, but this is only possible when we increase per capita income. As we are seeing Resources are limited in the country but the population is increasing very fast True prosperity will not come from making Indian economy reaching this figure of $5 trillion. We have to make every person happy. This can happen only when there is no heavy burden of population on welfare schemes and resources of the country

If seen, in 1951, India’s population was 10 crore 38 lakhs which increased to more than 121 crores in the year 2011 and it is expected to reach 150 crores by the year 2025.

Population bill-necessity of time
Population bill-necessity of time {source image -Mission box}

In fact, the population increases in Coefficient, whereas the rate of increase in resources is very slow. In this direction, Many parliamentarians have made proposals in the past, many ministers have given statements but now a serious bill has been put up in the parliament for this.
Opposition party introduce a private member bill in the Rajya Sabha
which proposes to implement the two-child policy. the proposal is that the two-child policy should be encouraged and discouraged or denied facilities to those who do not follow this policy.

President Ram Nath Kovind has given his approval to introduce the bill which is going to introduce in Rajysabha and Loksabha on private basis, quoting the implementation ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’ policy

Now it has to be seen what is the government’s stand on this private bill. As far as a proposed Population Control Bill is concerned It is proposed that those citizens of India who do not follow the policy, should be banned for contesting elections, get promotions in government services, take advantage of government schemes or subsidies, They should also be prevented from listed in the BPL category and should be banned from applying for Group ‘A’ ie Group A jobs.

Population bill-necessity of time
Population bill-necessity of time (source image India Today)

The bill also proposes that the central government should set up a National Population Stabilization Fund to help those who want to follow the two-child policy. In addition, contraceptives should be made available at all health centres at reasonable rates.
Couples who have only one child and have undergone their sterilization should be given special incentives from the government, such as giving preference to their child in higher educational institutions and government jobs.
Couples who are living below the poverty line, if they get themselves sterilized automatically, then the centre will help them through a lump sum amount ie.
If only one child of that couple is a boy, then they should be given 60 thousand rupees and if he is the same child girl, then one lakh rupees should be given.

As far as the Bill is concerned to discourage those who do not follow the two-child policy, This bill proposes that such couples should be barred from contesting elections to Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Panchayat and anybody.
They should not be promoted in government services, should not have the right to apply for Group A jobs of Central and State Governments and should not get any government subsidy if they are below the poverty line.
The bill also proposes that after its implementation, central government employees should also give in writing that those two children will fully comply with the policy. Employees who already have more than two children will also give in writing that they will not produce any more children. The central government should also give preference to those people who have two or fewer children at the time of appointments.

If there is a disability in the children of government employees or there is any other situation that the third child is necessary, then only he will get an exemption under the rules proposed in the Bill. The bill proposes that any government employee who does not follow the two-child policy can also be terminated.

We are worried about the increasing population of the country and the country does not want to get trapped in a terrible situation going forward and we all want some treatment from now.
We need that Population Control Act, it is the need of the hour and at present when it is not possible to provide pure drinking water to all, while there will be no drinking water when the population reaches 150 million.to prevent this worse situation and stopping that the Small families should be encouraged by the government though This issue has arisen many times in the Lok Sabha but no concrete decision was taken by Govt.

It is a good thing that the when both opposition and ruling parties of the country have similar views on population control, now the government should also move in this direction.


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