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Power Of Greeting-Namaste

Nameste-Powerful gesture of greetings

“I greet that place within you, which is love, light and life.  And when I am in that place in me, and you are in that place in you, we are not separate.”

Guessing the pandemic threat of COVID-19 outbreak, health experts from all over the world have warned against shaking hands and hugging each other as a way of greetings. Instead, they all advised to adopt the Indian culture of greeting by Namashkar gesture. Now, this namaste gesture is proved an only virus-proof gesture worldwide.

When Americal President Donald trump, France president Emmanuel Macron, Britain Price Charles found on many occasions greeting with namaste gesture, then of course this is a matter of pride for India. I can say Our Namaste has become a global gesture nowadays.
Now we can say every tradition in India has some special scientific logic behind it. Namaste is one of the six types of Pranama described in Hindu scripture. Namaste gives a message that the person for whom another person is greeting though he might be a stranger, but that person also residing the same divine existence and namaste is the respect given by one divine existence to another one.

Nameste-Powerful gesture of greetings
Nameste-Powerful gesture with powerful meaning

In Indian culture since our childhood, we are asked our parents to greet all the guest who visit our home with a special greeting Namaste. In this gesture we blow our head, join our hands together and utter Namaste or Namashkar at the same time
In today world i don’t think there can be a better way to show our brotherhoods and vasudhaiv kutumkam principal with this gesture.

In Hindu culture, this is not merely a mode of greeting but a way of worship also. This is a way of seeing all things equal In Hindu belief every creature is having the same divine existence, and Namaste is the way of respecting the divine existence which is also residing in the person whom you are meeting.

You will be surprised to know that not only in India but in different another country this gesture is being used as a method of greeting one another though with a slight modification. Like in japan the gesture Gossho” is used during a healing session or for prayer. In yoga classes all over the world, this same gesture of Namahhkar is used.
Namaste Meaning
namaste word is from two Sanskrit words
Namah and te. Namah means to bow, to salute, te means to you. Joining palms signifies the meeting of two minds with love and respect.
In India with the cultural diversity have different name of this same gesture but the way of performing this gesture is the same. In Kannada, it is “namashkara” In Tamil “Kumpitor”, in Bengali “Nomashkar” or “Pronam” In Telugu “Dandamu”
Na ma word can also be interpreted at Not Mine. Meaning of this has spiritual significance where one negates his own ego and trying to build a healthy relationship with another person

Spiritual Importance of this gesture
The same divine existence residing in all creature. This Namste is the recognition of that oneness and giving respect to that oneness residing in the person we meet. As we also close our eyes and bows our head during this gesture which shows that we are connecting with that oneness

Nameste-Powerful gesture of greetings
Nameste-Spiritual Significance

How this gesture is performed
Namaste is one of 6 way of pranama described. Namaste is a gesture of connecting two minds. Bowing down of the head is a way of respect and a warm welcome sign
Namaste is also a Mudra used in our Yoga science. To perform this gesture correctly place the hands together at the heart chakra, close the eyes, and bow the head.


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