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The moral decline of the students of the country

Moral decline obscenity

The moral decline of the students of the country is a major concern in this lockdown era.

The people of India not only want to be drowned in alcohol but also the obscenity dominates the people of India. And the students studying in the famous schools in the country are also completely immersed in this intoxication
These days the lockdown is in force all over India and school colleges across the country are closed. Everyone is feeling that the students who are at home must be studying with honesty. Must be preparing for examinations, but the truth is that many students are misusing this time.
Recently the embarrassing incident of Delhi students in which some minor children have been arrested, here shows how moral collapse has happened to the young generation.
you must have heard words like boy’s locker room and girls’ locker room, these two words are very much trending on twitter and Instagram, apart from alcohol, these are being discussed in the whole country.
According to the allegations, Boys ‘Locker Room and Girls’ Locker Room are two separate chat groups created on Instagram in which students studying in big schools in Delhi and Noida used to have indecent conversations.
No action has yet been taken in the case of Girls Locker Room Chat Group. But Delhi Police has registered a case in the Boys Locker Room Chat Group case and the minor administrator of this group has been arrested. The mobile device that was held by this administrator has also been seized through which this group was formed.

Students missing opportunity and misguided
Students missing opportunity given in this home stay period and misguided towards obscenity

Boys in the boys’ locker room chat group are aged between 15 and 19 years. These boys used to do vulgar things about girls. They used to make vulgar comments on their pictures and even talked about gang rape of girls on this group.
Police say that 21 students are included in this group, out of which 10 have been identified. Of these, 6 students are minors and 4 are adults. Screen shots of the conversations taking place on this group were put on social media and after this the Delhi Police has taken action against these students.
But not only boys, some girls are also being accused of similar porn chats. According to the allegations, there is also a group on Instagram called Girls Locker Room, on which some girls are also involved in similar pornographic conversations. According to the allegations, the boys are abusive comments on this chat group.
But the question is, why is this moral degradation happening to the students of the country? According to sources, all these students study in schools in Delhi and nearby cities, in which a common man cannot even dream of raising his children. These schools charge a hefty fee of lakhs of rupees every year, but in return, the evidence of how citizens are being built in these schools is in front of you.
These are the students who have all the facilities in life. These students can study online despite the lockdown. With the help of internet, you can prepare for the examinations. But they are not doing this, instead they are putting the future of the country at stake with them and this is a matter of shame.

Lord Buddha- Tranquality , contentment and bliss

Only 24 per cent of the families in India have such an internet connection while only 8 per cent of the families have both computer and internet. That is, despite the lockdown, most of the students of India cannot study online even if they want,
while the students who have all the facilities are on the path of moral degradation, except for writing. Recently the embarrassing incident of Delhi students in which some minor children have been arrested, here shows how moral collapse has happened to the young generation.

Increasing trend of obscenity and indecent activity
Increasing trend of obscenity and indecent activity of students is a big concern

According to a report, traffic on pornographic websites in India has increased by 95 per cent in the last 3 months. That is, many people are spending most of their time on these pornographic websites.
There are more than 3500 pornographic websites banned in India, but despite this, 35 to 40 per cent of the porn videos are in the amount of content that people of India download from the Internet throughout the day. According to reports, 89 per cent people of India watch these pornographic content on their mobile phones.
According to a research firm named Velocity MR, 90 per cent of the parents living in cities of India think that with the help of the internet, their children can study better. 9 out of 10 parents believe that their child uses the Internet only for studies and does not see any pornographic content on the Internet.
55 per cent of the parents admitted that their child started using mobile phones at the age of 6 to 10 years.
More than 90 per cent of the parents may think that their children only study on the internet and increase their information, but statistics show that India is third in the world in terms of viewing pornographic material. Apart from India, the most obscene content is seen in America and Britain.
From this, you can guess whether India’s digital revolution is causing the country’s progress or not, but it is definitely causing the decline of the students.

Increase traffic on Pornographic sites These days
Increase traffic on Pornographic sites these days a major concern

Cheap data can prove to be a boon for India. But under the guise of this cheap data, students and youth of India are falling prey to a form of psychiatry and it is necessary to get rid of this disease.
Some people can say that our education system and society are guilty for this whole matter. But the truth is that the roots of such evils also exist in our families. It often happens that we laugh at such jokes with the whole family or share such messages with the people of the house in which women are made the subject of jokes. During this time, we do not take care of big and small, we do not take care of anyone’s age.
That is, indecent characters are produced in front of everyone in the home environment. The seeds of wrong rites are sown in the minds of children. Elderly and unknowingly become Dhritarashtra. All the limitations begin to break and no one even realizes it. By the time the people of the house discover the mistake, the bird has flown by then and there is no option but to repent. We hope that you will not allow any such opportunity in your life, due to which you will have to regret it.

The future of the country lies on the shoulder of young population and they are engaged in crossing the limits of obscenity

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