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Ambedkar Jayanti- Baba Sahab View on Nationality

Ambedkar Jayanti-Baba saheb

Today is the time of global disaster. The corona virus-like epidemic is ready to swallow the whole human society, even in this terrible situation, the evil voice of some so-called people in our country is ruining national unity and integrity. In such a situation, it is important to remind everyone on the occasion of Ambedkar jayanti,the principle and views on nation and nationality given by Baba Saheb

April 14 was the 129th birthday of Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. Every year Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm and preparation.
This time the celebration was at home as the whole country is locked down
Sometimes the stereotypes that arise with the antiquity of society block the movement of that society. In such a situation, people live their lives in despair and discouragement and whole society seems like having no dream at all in their eyes.
At such a time, some person shakes that society with his unthinkable fighting power
and produces the ability to move forward. Gradually, the society recognizes its own power and moves forward, taking inspiration from the gratitude of that person.
There are many such great people this nation has born with and Baba Sahab was one of them

Baba Saheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar was one such great man, who stumbled upon all the ambitions of his personal life and made the goal of his life the goal of awakening and bringing light to the lives of his unhappy and afflicted people,
as well as to encourage and energize them.
He considered the navnirmaan of this long lived nation as his only reason to live.

There is a need to understand his views on nation, nationality and nation of India on the occasion of 129th Ambedkar Jayanti.
In the present perspective, it is necessary to understand the sensation with which the great nationalist Baba Saheb put forward his views towards the nation of India.
Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar’s life was devoted to the question of the nation and the oppressed. The question of keeping the rights of millions of unhappy, afflicted people, and at the same time continuous remembrance of the national interest. Wherever we see them, we find him continuing effort for the protection of national interest

Baba saheb View on Nationality
Baba Saheb Teaching about nation and nationality (Source image-Social media FB)

The report given by the Mumbai Legislative Council to the Simon Commission was not signed by Dr Ambedkar. On 17 May 1929, he gave an independent report of his own. A small part of that report shows his unwavering patriotism and why he refused to sign it.
The need of the hour is to create a sense of joint nationality among the people today. They do not have the feeling that they are first Indian and later Hindu, Muslim, Sindhi and Karnatki Rather, the feeling that he is primarily and ultimately Indian should be generated. No such thing should be done, which will lead to the rise of regionalism and separate group consciousness

According to Dr Ambedkar, the land, the society and the best tradition of society, are all three essential components for the creation of the nation. The nation is not just a physical unit. He said that the nation is a living soul This is a spiritual principle.
For this, it is necessary for the inculcation of general valuable inheritance to build a strong nation. It is absolutely necessary to have a strong desire to live together
and to maintain the undivided heritage that our forefathers have entrusted to us.

In the creation of a nation, past fame, present desire, opportunity to do great work together in the past and strong desire to do great work again in future, is fully embodied. Our unwavering affection for the sacrifices and hardships we have faced for this and the strong desire to hand them over to our heirs creates a nation
The attitude of the nation towards the past and present must be the same. The society which has such a feeling towards the nation, that society builds the nation. Baba saheb says that the past fame, equally sharing of happiness, sorrow and hope, etc., signifies a nation.

The nation is the authority above the implied agreements of the parties

Looking at the agreements being made by the Muslim League for their own benefit, it gives the impression that the concept of the nation seems to be disintegrating when some parties make agreements for their own benefit.

Language can be a reason for nation-building, but it cannot be a fundamental basis. The nation is built on the basis of strong will power of the society there.
He says that nationality is a social consciousness. The feeling of joint feeling of unity is nationality, which makes the person understand each other as related.
If you make a wise decision for the future of a nation, then watch carefully whether these qualities are flourishing or abject

Ambedkar Jayanti-Baba saheb View on Nationality
Ambedkar Jayanti-Baba saheb View on Nationality (Source image-Jagran Josh)

The unity and integrity of the country is the natural and cultural

He believed that the creation of this nation has not taken place in a hundred or two hundred years. It has been created by nature, society and its culture with the unbroken nature of a nation. The basis of unity of this country is both natural and cultural. He writes that this fundamental fact should not be forgotten that nature has created India as a collectible geographical unit. Its unity is as ancient as ancient nature. Under this geographical unity, it has been a cultural unity since time immemorial

This country is organized because of its cultural harmony and integrity for thousands of years. This collection is culturally very intertwined. On this basis, He says that there is no country in the world except this peninsula, which has so much cultural harmony. We are not only geographically structured, but our assured cultural unity is also unbroken and unbreakable which is spread in all the four directions in the whole country.

Greater OLd India: a fact
Dr. Ambedkar has proposed that today’s Burma and Afghanistan were part of greater India. There was also a fundamental unity inside all of this. He writes that the unity of the year of India is a historical fact. Dr. Ambedkar was an advocate of cultural unity of the nation. Political or geographical unity is of less importance than cultural unity. What is of major importance is the cultural affinity of that area with other areas
Dr. Ambedkar said that if any person puts his sect, language, region or caste on top of the country, then it is not right. It is a shame for us. It is a reflection of distorted thinking. This will not develop true nationality within the country. Baba Saheb believed that our nationality should be clear and unquestioned. Not bound by any kind of condition or preferences

He wants all people of India to think of themselves as Indian and only Indians by raising them above all such things. He was afraid of committing big mistakes if this was not considered Throughout out his life he fought with his all strength to fight against the divisive forces.

Today, when whole nation s celebrating his birthday as Ambedkar Jayanti ,His valuable words may pave our way in this hour of disaster. There is no hope but full confidence that the call of Babasaheb will come in our way to fight the challenges like corona epidemic. India will win and Corona will lose

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