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The Third World War-Has China already started it?

The third World War-Has china started it?

Has the third world war started creeping in?
Actually, the kind of situation that is emerging throughout the world in this corona crisis, it is realized that the world is now moving slowly towards the third world war.

It can be understood to a large extent that the kind of accusations whole world is making against that China if it is right, then there is no doubt that China has pushed the whole world into the Third World War on the pretext of the Corona epidemic. Perhaps China has been preparing for this world war much earlier. China wants to carry out this war in three stages. The first step is to cheat the world. The second phase is to spread anarchy on a large scale throughout the world and the third phase is to suppress and exploit the humanity of the rest of the world.

The 1945 bombing on the city Hiroshima and Nagasaki with the atomic bomb in which both the entire city were destroyed, those atomic bombs which were few grams in weight but they were the storehouses of unlimited energy. Which results only and the only catastrophe. With this catastrophe, the second world war was over.

But today, after 75 years, the world has gone into the third world war and you did not even know about it. There is no major weapon, missiles or atom bomb at the centre of this war, but only a virus. The weight of this virus is millions of crores less than the mass of the atomic bomb. But this virus also has immense power to destroy the world. On the basis of this virus, China has waged a third world war against the whole world.

It seems China is predetermined to execute this world war with a well thought out strategic policy. The thre essential steps of any world war is clearly seen in the recent changes in scenario worldwide.The first step is to cheat the world. The second phase is to spread anarchy on a large scale in the whole world and the third phase is to suppress and exploit the people of the world

What is the identity of any major war or say World War? Its first identity is, the death and sorrow everywhere. Its second identity is the collapse of economies. The third identity is a decrease in the supply of essential commodities. The fourth identity is the infiltration of the new region and institution with the foreign invaders and the fifth and last identity is the rise of new forces.

If you notice, you will see these five things happening around you at this time. Around 27 lakh people have been infected with the coronavirus all over the world, the most powerful country in the world like America is fighting this virus helplessly like it is a third world country.
Think, the country which was called the leader of the world, the country about which it was said that it can solve any problem of the world on the strength of its military power or money. Today that country is unable to save the lives of thousands of its own people. In such a situation, what will be the prestige of America in the whole world now? See how China has been able to bring America to its knees with just one germ without using nuclear weapons.
The virus does not see borders and its worst hit are developed and rich countries. More than 21 thousand people have died in France. More than 25 thousand people have died in Italy and more than 18 thousand people in Britain

Not only this, but the big economies of the world including America are also dying. The GDP of the world is estimated to be 3 per cent only this year. The biggest economic recession since 1930 has knocked in.
China is taking advantage of this opportunity and investing in the whole world and big companies are being bought at cheap prices. That is, China wants your salary to come from China in the coming times.

In order to save the lives of people all over the world, there is a huge shortage of equipment and medicines which are needed. China is now supplying inferior medical equipment to the whole world and has found a way to make a profit even in the midst of this epidemic crisis.

Life in China is back on track. Everything is going normal there and China has restarted the engine of its expansionary policy after a short break. If China wants to capture Taiwan, then on the pretext of CPEC, it has also prepared to colonize Pakistan.

China is also trying to pay the World Health Organization to take its side on a global platform. In the South China Sea too, China has increased its activities and recently some warships of China and America came in front of each other in this sea and a situation of dispute had arisen. When the whole world is struggling with a virus, then China is busy executing its expansionary policies.

Third world war-result of imperialistic
Third world war-result of imperialistic

China has made full preparations to conflict with America by all means. For this, China has not waged a direct war with America, but has started this work on economic, psychological and technical basis. That is, now the balance of power of the world is shifting to China

The decade of economic liberalism began in China in the 1980s. When China opened the doors of the economy, America supported it, because America needed a big market like China but it was cheated by China. On the pretext of liberalism, China sent many of its people and students to countries like America. It is said that these same exchange programmes should also become a means of stealing secrets related to the secret technology and military strategies of America by China.
When China opened its doors to the world, big companies started coming to China. This gave China new-age technology. From 1990 to the beginning of the 21st century, when the forces of the West were embroiled in settling the controversies of Central and West Asia, China kept silently implementing its plan with great calm. China did not get involved in these disputes, rather it started increasing its dominance in countries whose economies were weak. He invested heavily from African countries to countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cuba, Ukraine, Pakistan, Ecuador and Tajikistan.

China is the only businessman in the world who, after lending to others, never asks for a loan back. China only wants these countries to never repay its debt, so that China can take over the economies of those countries in exchange for them, buy their big companies at a fraction of the price, take possession of ports, establish their military base in return for the loan. This way these countries finally become their colonies.

This is a matter of pseudo-liberalism and economic deception, but the world wars of the modern world cannot be won on the basis of these two things. Psychology and ideological viruses are also needed in these. For this, China opened such campuses in universities all over the world, where philosophical ideas of China are taught.

Whole world is facing crisis
Whole world is facing crisis like never before

China is the world’s biggest think tank that is why despite this epidemic, most think tanks, policymakers, world institutions and foreign journalists are avoiding criticism from China. This can also be seen here in India.

How has China taken this war into the second phase. The second phase of this world war is to create mass chaos in the whole world. After more than 27 lakh people got infected and more than 1 lakh 93 thousand people were killed, the chaos spread in the world is visible to all, but during this time China is benefiting the most.

Of all the things produced in the whole world, 28.4 per cent is made in China. The United States is at number two with a share of 16.6 per cent, while Japan, at number three, has 7.2 per cent.
China has made itself the world’s factory in the last few years and now it is not possible for the world to lock this factory in one stroke as it will completely disrupt the supply of essential commodities around the world, after which the situation can be more terrible. Now countries like America fear that if China withdraws its money then America’s economy will go into a big crisis and from here the second phase of this world war starts, which you are seeing these days.

China will make itself the world’s superpower of technology. More focus will be given on Artificial Intelligence, Robots and Driverless Cars. After this, by 2035 China wants to become the Innovation Leader of the world. That is, China intends that in the next 15 years all the major inventions of the world should be on its land. After this, by 2049 China wants to make itself the most powerful country in the world.

Third world war-India will emerge as new power
Third world war-India will emerge as new leading power

Whatever China has achieved before today is also part of this grand plan. By the year 2009, China had become the engine of the world economy. By 2011 it became a Manufacturing Hub, in 2012 China established itself as a major trading country. In 2014, China also overtook the US in terms of Purchasing Power Parity, PPP, became the largest middle class in the world in 2015 and in 2016 China also surpassed the US in terms of the number of a millionaire living in one country.

Actually China wants to become the most powerful country in the world and for this, it is necessary that they weaken the rest of the powerful countries of the world. The exact same thing becomes easier with the help of Corona pandemic.

China is an emerging superpower, but China is not threatening the countries of the world for war, rather it is patiently waiting for the world economy to weaken, the countries of the world are busy in controlling the corona virus. And taking advantage of the opportunity, China should control the economies of these countries. For this, he is using viruses rather than nuclear bombs, showing the world not fear of missiles, but using psychological pressure.

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Corona has had the biggest impact on the G-7 countries which include America, Britain, France, Canada, Italy, Japan and Germany. These are the countries which have 46 per cent of the world’s GDP and 58 per cent of the world’s wealth is also with these countries. The most deaths from corona infection are also happening in these countries and the economies of these countries are suffering the most due to the lockdown.
As far as the anticipation of the Third World War, which will be fought with strategic weapons by the great forces of the world, its signs have already come from the US, but when the world’s most powerful countries themselves are going through the great crisis of Corona as of now, they cannot even think of waging a direct war. But the pleasant aspect is that the rest of the world has understood the wicked policy of China and may take some concrete steps in the future so that it will demolish China’s evil mind.

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