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China’s new Plot on Ladakh border

Indo China Border Conflict

The whole world is grappling with the coronavirus given by China, but the same China under its’ imperialist policy, escalating the tension on the China border and creating the warlike condition.

China first spread the deadly virus all over the world and now China is threatening a powerful country like India to maintain peace on the border in a threatening tone. In some areas of Ladakh where India and China share the border, there has been a situation of tension between the armies of the two countries and it is being called the biggest confrontation between the two countries since the 1962 war.

On Tuesday, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held a meeting with the three army chiefs. It also included Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat. Apart from this, a meeting was also held in the Prime Minister’s Office on the same issue.

Escalating Tension Indo China Border Laddakh border
Escalating Tension Indo China Border China’s new Plot on Ladakh border

China does not seem to be in any mood to discuss this issue. Rather, China has blamed India for this dispute. Although in the midst of all this, the high military officials of India and China are trying to solve this matter, but nothing can be said about how successful this effort will be. Because in order to distract the attention of the world, China does not want to settle this dispute easily.

The number of corona virus patients in the world is around 56 lakhs and nearly three and a half lakh people have died from it. All this happened due to China, because the virus spread due to his negligence and then he did not even inform the world at the right time. Due to this the economies of the whole world were weakened, jobs of crores of people were lost, industries were closed, there was no space for patients in hospitals and the whole world went into economic recession.

But it seems that China does not bother with all these things, that is why instead of apologizing for their mistakes, they are trying to threaten the whole world. An article has been published in China’s official newspaper Global Times about the border dispute between India and China. The headline of this article means that India should stop thinking about China from the perspective of Western countries for peace on the border.

Previous Doka la Conflict
Previous Dokalam Conflict

That is, China is threatening India in a way, saying that due to Covid-19, the whole world is thinking about China, India should think differently from it. It has also been said in this article that India has built military inside the border of China and this is expected to increase the tension between the two countries.

Why China is getting involved in this border dispute with India, the answer is also hidden in this article. It has been written that some people of India think that the sluggish economy and allegations of western countries are a golden opportunity for India, and if India gets entangled with China on the border, then the whole world will support India in this matter.

It is also written in the article that if India is thinking like this in view of the international and Chinese internal conditions, then this assessment is wrong and harmful to India.

In this article, the situation of Covid-19 in India is also tightened. It has been said that there have been more cases of infection in India than China. Whereas everything is normal in China. Therefore, India’s priority should be coronavirus instead of the border dispute.

Impact On China-Covid-19 Era
Impact On China-Covid-19 Era

Now you think that it is China that has given this dangerous virus to the whole world. Millions of people lost their lives due to this virus. Millions of people are sick and it cannot be said how long it will take for the world to recover from this crisis. But instead of admitting its mistakes and compensating for this loss, China is giving unsolicited advice to countries like India.

It is also written in this article that the situation of China is no longer the same as in 1962. At that time, India and China were almost equal, but today China is much stronger than India and China’s economy is also 5 times more than India.

At the end of the article, it is written that India’s civilization is very old and India is so intelligent that it will not see China through the spectacles of America. And China hopes that the Indian government, army media and intellectuals will improve their understanding and research on China further.

So first of all, understand what China wants to do in Ladakh. Actually, China is under pressure from all countries including the US at this time. Countries of the world are now demanding damages from China and boycotting China. China is currently in the worst state and that is why China wants to divert the attention of the whole world.

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For this, China has opened its front in many directions. China is threatening military action to Taiwan, snatching Hong Kong’s independence through a new security law and wants to imprison those who oppose China’s government.

China has been challenging many countries including the US in South China Sea, has started a trade war with Australia, under which many restrictions have been imposed on Australia and now China is also provoking India.

Under this, China has created a situation of uncertainty in Ladakh. According to reports, China has increased the presence of its troops on the Ladakh border. Different reports claim that China has increased its troops here. Two areas are prominent among them. One is Galvan Valley and the other is Pangong LAKE

It is being claimed that the Chinese army has installed about 100 tents in Galvan Valley. All this has happened during the last 2 weeks. Some reports claim that about 5 thousand Chinese soldiers are present at 5 points around this border. It is claimed that China has tried to infiltrate through 4 points near the Galvan River, while the fifth incident of infiltration has taken place near PANGONG lake.

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That is, China has adopted an aggressive attitude in many areas near the Ladakh border. But it is being said that India has also deployed its troops in this area so that any action of China can be responded to.

Recently two incidents of skirmishes have taken place between the army of China and India in Ladakh and Sikkim. On May 5, there was a confrontation between the soldiers of India and China near the PANGONG lake in Ladakh. In which some soldiers on both sides were injured.

After this, on 9 May, the soldiers of the two countries collided in North Sikkim. The Indian Army has accepted the matter of confrontation but has also said that the situation is normal. Amid tensions, India’s Army Chief General MM Narvane has also visited Ladakh.

India is working on a large scale infrastructure construction on LAC ie Line of Actual Control near Ladakh. In January 2019, India had announced construction of 44 such roads on LAC at a cost of 21 thousand crores which is strategically important for India. This road is being built in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh along the border with China.

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This is being done so that the goods and essential services can be easily delivered to the Indian Army deployed in these areas. In April last year, 255 km long road connecting Durbuk-Shyok and Daulat Beg Oldi was also opened for traffic. Karakoram can be reached easily through this road via Depsang Maidan, Ruki Nala. This road is also very important to reach the Galvan valley in Ladakh, where there is tension between the army of India and China.

Apart from this, India has also made an important road in Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand, near Nepal and China border. Travelers going to Mansarovar via this road will have a lot of convenience, this is a trisection where the border of India, Nepal and China meet. China has not opposed this road but it is believed that by provoking Nepal, China wants to confuse India in the border dispute here too.

It is obvious that China is worried about the rapid construction of infrastructure on the LAC, because China has already built such roads near its border and now does not like India’s preparations.

The second reason is that due to the Coronavirus, an atmosphere has been created against China in the whole world and China is inciting a border dispute with India to distract the attention of the world. The border of India and China is about 3500 kilometres long, which even today there is no consensus between the two countries.

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Whatever infrastructure India has prepared near China border, it is all within the border of its control. Along these main roads, India has built some ancillary roads and this is why China is most upset.

If we take the example of Galvan Valley, at least three times China has changed its claim about this area. Earlier China used to claim a small area of ​​this place, but now China has declared the entire Galvan valley itself, and has deployed thousands of soldiers here and has also planned to stop the army near the border for a long time.

But India also stands firmly in front of China. If China has increased the number of soldiers in this area, then India will also increase the number of its troops. The road construction work that India has started on the border will also continue completely.

It is also true that no matter how many disputes have been held between India and China on the border, there has not been a single bullet between the two countries for the last several decades. But will this time also be the same, this question is because it seems that China’s intention is not right?

Boycott China product-Empower make In India
Boycott China product-Empower make In India

Now you should understand why China is doing all this. First quarrelling with the soldiers of India from Sikkim to Ladakh, then sitting in the infiltration, meanwhile, furthering Nepal and entangling India in a new border dispute, all of this is not happening suddenly. There is some thoughtful strategy of China behind this. Because when the world is fighting the coronavirus crisis, which country would want to get involved in a border dispute with its neighbouring country? Think, which country would like to show its military strength to other countries at this time? But China is doing so. Be it the South China Sea, the case of Taiwan, or the case of Hong Kong, China is constantly showing aggressive attitude.

China is indicating military action on Taiwan’s case. China’s fighter aircraft and war ships are constantly practicing warfare around Taiwan. China considers Taiwan as its share and wants to occupy it by implementing a country-two system like Hong Kong. But Taiwan has clearly said that China has to understand the reality and it will not accept the rule of China on the pretext of one country-two system.

Similarly, in Hong Kong, China is going to bring a new security law to crush the protests against it. When Britain assigned Hong-kong to China in 1997, Hong-kong had some rights which the people of China do not even have, including the right to protest. But under the new law, China wants to take away the right to protest in Hong Kong.

That is, when the world’s focus is on the corona virus, then China’s focus is on increasing its dominance. Why is China doing this? To understand this, the internal situation of China and domestic politics also have to be understood.

Like other countries of the world, China is also in a big economic crisis because of the coronavirus. This is a time of great crisis for the Communist Party, which rules China and for President Xi Jinping himself. Because this is the first time that China has not set any target of economic development this year. Many foreign companies now want to move out of China and set up their factories in countries like India. The world’s trust in China has diminished due to coronavirus. More than 100 countries are under pressure to investigate how the coronavirus came into China and how it spread? It is also constantly being said that China has reported even fewer data on coronavirus cases and deaths. All these things may have reduced the trust of the people of China towards their government. It seems that China is resorting to its aggressive military policy to divert attention from all these issues.

source news-DNA

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