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Types of People in the World-Check Where Do You Fall

There are 4 type of people

The world is full of different types of people. Every person has his own speciality. His habits, his thinking, his personality all are different from others. Somewhere people with parallel thinking and personality get attached. And the notable thing is that people leave the mark of their personality on the person around them.

You must have often noticed that we unintentionally copy some of the habits, the way of talking, the way of thinking, even likes and dislikes of the people with whom we spend most of our time.

It is said that we represent the 5 closest people around us. Somewhere, gradually with time, we become like them. That’s why we need to know who we are, and how are the people around us? Are they the same kind of people that we want to be in life or we are at the wrong place? This is a simple yet key object as our future life rests on it.

There are several theories to explain the types of people.

Here we are going to know about four types of people based on the 4 V Model. So let’s start and check out – about you and your community, which category they belong to.

4 Types of People

There are 4 types of people based on the 4 V Model. Out of these four only one is the perfect type. This differentiation is based on the characteristics as well as the thought process of the people and on how do they react in different situations.


These types of people are the onlookers. They don’t do anything but consider it their right to comment on what others are doing. These people are at the forefront of advising to do work in the right way even if they are not aware of its execution. They are always ready to find faults in the work of others.

You can find them sitting anywhere in the crowd. They can be easily seen commenting in all places – be it a cricket match, a movie, a wedding or any possible place. They believe in solving every serious issue of the world through debate and blame game. They feel that they have deep knowledge about everything from politics to the economy, but practically they do nothing but idle talk.

Besides commenting on everything you do, these people do not make any big contribution to society. They see what is happening and put forward their views on it, hence they are called spectators or viewers.

Are you also one of these people or are you surrounded by these people? If yes, then change yourself and your environment today, because these types of people do not do anything productive, they just waste the time of everyone around.


The second type of people is those who are always complaining. They feel that their life is awful and only unpleasant things happen to them. They either blame themselves for that or keep cursing their luck.

They think that they are the only ones in the world with whom everything goes wrong. These people are full of grievances and are never happy with their life and the events related to them. Not being happy with what they get, they keep on remembering what they did not get and it is their job to curse themselves for that.

If you also fall in this category or are with such people, then change it right away. Such people always live with negative thinking and instead of moving forward, they remain entangled in complaints.


This third category is the most dangerous and it is good to keep a distance from people with villainous thinking and behaviour.

We can change the previous two types of people a little through counselling and guidance, but this third type of people have come into the world to mess up with almost everyone.

These people do not believe in solving problems through warm-heartedness and prudence; patience is just a word for them. Whatever they have to do, they believe in doing it aggressively.

Such people never go by the rules but by their stubbornness. You can often see them fighting in a crowd, in traffic, in a line or at any random place. The purpose of their life is to move forward by wrong means. They are generally criminal and later either they choose such businesses which are full of crime or start committing crimes in their selected jobs.


Those who are of the fourth type are true leaders. They believe in utilizing their time appropriately and doing noble deeds for society.

There are problems in their life too, but they don’t get distracted by them. They neither curse themselves or the system nor do they fight with everyone. Rather, they solve the problem thoughtfully.

Such people are always victorious. They always support and lift society and fight adversities. These people deserve success and they achieve it too. That is the reason they are called victor. To conclude, let’s select the people you be with cautiously and develop a personality that you would love to be

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