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What is affiliate marketing-How we can earn from it

What is affiliate marketing

Although there are many ways to earn money online, out of which Affiliate Marketing is a very good way by which you can earn more money in a very short time because Affiliate Marketing is a way in which you do not have to spend even a single rupee and Your business starts and your income starts immediately.

You just have to register for an Affiliate program on any online shopping site and promote any product and as soon as the sale of that product starts, your income also starts if you want to know, what is Affiliate Marketing and how to earn from Affiliate Marketing, then read this post carefully and start your Affiliate Marketing business

Affiliate marketing and how it works
Best way to earn money from home (source image-Pexels)

What is an affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing means to join an online shopping site for an affiliate program and to promote its products through its YouTube channel or through its website or blog, to increase its sales so that the promoter has to pay the share from the price of that products. Share usually given in the form of a few % commission called Affiliate Marketing.

How Does Affiliate Work?

When any online shopping site has to increase the sales of any of its products,
the company starts its own website affiliate program and whoever has to earn from affiliate marketing, they register themselves on it and links to that products promote from its source, due to which the sales of that products are very high and a fixed commission is given to the promoters

What are the popular Affiliate Marketing sites?
Though you will get thousands of affiliate shopping site
There are some popular and best shopping site which gives you more commission
If you want to see an affiliate program of a company, then you can search on any search engine by writing affiliate in front of the company name, you can search and see if that company will have an affiliate program,

Some affiliate marketing site
Join affiliate program of any merchant site matched with your blog content (source image -Pexels)

Best Affiliate Sites :

Fotocons affiliate program
Fotocons affiliate program-a best affiliate program

Amazon Affiliate
Snapdeal Affiliate

How to earn money from affiliate marketing?

Friends, now it comes to know how to earn money from this, you have to open the website on which you have to start Affiliate Marketing, just like if you have to start on fotocons you have to go to its website
www.fotocons.com/affiliate and as soon as you open it, you get some such type of option. Join Now For free

In this, you have to do your registration by clicking on Join Now for free, when you click here, a new page opens. you have to fill a form in which you have to fill all your details like your name, your full address, PAN card number on your website After filling all these information put a link to blog or youtube channel, after which your application is approved, and now you open the affiliate dashboard by clicking on login page
and as soon as you search a product, then the option of get link Is visible or you can get referral url on you affiliate account dashboard.
All you have to do is copy the link URL of the page,product ,category whatever you want to share and get referral URL from get URL option
you have to share that link on your blog site,youtube channels,Instagram page whichever social platform you want to use and as soon as someone opens your link and buys something from it, you get its commission.

I am sharing you one you tube video made specially to explain the affiliate marketing on Fotocons

Join Fotocons affiliate program

Friends, we hope that you have got information about affiliate marketing and how to earn money fromit, yet you can comment if you have any questions or suggestions.

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