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How to make money from Blogging

How to make money from blogging

If you think of How to make money online from the Internet, the best way is – Blogging.
Many people are earning in millions per month sitting at home through blogging. If you are also willing to earn money from Blogging, you are at the right place, we will tell you about Blogging in such a simple and easy way so that you too can earn a lot of money by making your own blog very easily.
Before we tell about how to make money from blogging, some important points to know before we proceed, knowing these points will help you avoid problem problems while creating your blog.

What is a blog?
When we write our knowledge, thoughts, and experiences regularly as a website, it is called a blog. Through the blog, you can write your thoughts and experiences freely. Blog you can create on any topic.
You can make your own blog related to the area you are interested in.

For example, if you are a doctor, you can create a blog on health. If you specialize in good cooking, you can create a blog on cooking. If you are a beautician, you can create your own blog and share your beauty tips with people. This is to say that you can create your own blog on any topic and earn money online from the internet.

By creating a blog not only you can share your knowledge, ideas and experience with people, but you can also earn money online from the internet sitting at home. Age does not matter for this. You can do this work at any age.
There are many people who made their blog in 50 years and today they are earning a lot from it.

What is blogging?
Blogging is to keep the blog maintained. When you create your own blog and write articles on it regularly, we will call this work Blogging.

People usually have two objectives of blogging –

  1. Sharing your knowledge, thoughts and experience for free.
  2. Make money from your knowledge, thoughts and experiences.

You can have any of these objectives. Overall, we can say that whatever be our objective, blogging is to work on it.
(Benefits of blogging)
There are many benefits of blogging which it is not possible to summarize.
Nevertheless, we are trying to summarize the advantages of the blog here.

  1. The biggest advantage of blogging is that you can do this work sitting at home. You do not need to go anywhere for this.
  2. If you do blogging, there will be no work pressure as usually happens in routine office work
    Usually, when we do a job, somewhere in it we are under pressure. Not so in blogging.
  3. You can earn as much money as you want from blogging. Many people are earning millions of rupees a month from Blogging, but for this you will have to work hard. Earning lakhs of a month from blogging is not impossible.
  4. You do not even need much investment for this. You can even start this work for free.There are some website and blog site which invites writers and bloggers to write blogs. you can write blogs there,if your blogs approved there,you can even place referral link for the products of that website and you will get a handsome amount of passive income.
    One such site is Fotocons. This is an e commerce platform which provide platform for affiliation .
  5. There is no risk in doing this work. There is no risk of sinking your money in it. Meaning in this work, there is no gain, no loss at all.
  6. You keep getting money in this work even if you leave this job.
    This is not the case in jobs or businesses.
    (Difference between blog and website

In a blog you have to write articles regularly. In the blog,
we keep giving detailed information about a subject, whereas in the website it is not so. There is no need to write in the website every day. All information is updated in just one go.

Getting money from blogging is very easy. There are many ways for this
one is the advertising of any other merchant website which can be an e-Commerce site or any service provider site
Another way is making an affiliate account on any other merchant site like Flipkart amazon or Fotocons. you can place referral link of their products and if any customer clicks on that link and purchase or do some action on the merchant website, you will get a commission from the revenue generated

You can Know more about affiliate program in our another blog

Affiliate marketing
Affiliate marketing is the best way of monetizing your blog (Source Image-Pexels)

What is affiliate program ?

Third way is to making adsense account you have to create an account in Adsense. After this, you will have to give your Bank Account information to Adsense.

When you have 100 dollars with Adsense, then Adsense will automatically transfer all this money to your bank account, which you can withdraw anytime.
(How to make money from blogging step by step

Choose best niche for blog/blogging)

If you are thinking of making a blog, then first you have to choose the topic of your blog. People often make mistakes here..They starts his blog on any topic, they have to face many problems later.

Create your blog on a topic that you have interest and knowledge. When you have a good knowledge of that subject, then you will be able to tell that topic more thoroughly. Apart from this, if someone also questions related to that subject, then you will not have any problem in answering. If you want, you can write more than one topic in your blog. Overall, it means that before making a blog you have to think well on which topic I want to make my blog.
Blogger Vs WordPress which is better)
When you think about which topic I want to make my blog. After that you have to decide on which platform I want to make my blog. Although there are many platforms available to create a blog, but most people use only two platforms.

How to make money from blog and blogging
Choose the best niche for blog and blogging (source image-Pexels)

Blogger – If you want to get started in the field of blogging, then this platform will be best for you because it is free. It will not cost you a single penny. This is Google’s product so there is no need to doubt it. Talking about the deficiency, it is just that on this you cannot customize your blog too much. Apart from this, there is another drawback that you will get a little less money.

WordPress – This platform is for those who can invest money initially. In this, you get many options to customize your blog. Apart from this, you do not face much problem in maintaining your blog. You get more money in this

Choose the correct Domain Name for your blog

Just as your home address is, your blog also has an address, which we call the domain name. Just as someone can access your home from your home address, similarly someone can access your blog directly from the domain name. Like my blog has a domain name-baatapnedeshki.in

When buying a domain name, keep in mind that it should be short, simple and easy to remember. Buy a domain with the same name as your blog. Like my blog name is Baat Apne Desh Ki and my domain is baatapnedeshki.in

Choose a proper hosting

Hosting means a place where you can save all the things of your blog. You also get it both free and paid. If you want free hosting, then you should always use Blogger (blogspot.com) hosting only.

If you want paid hosting, then you should buy from some good hosting site like Namecheap, ipage etc.
We advise you to keep investment low initially so use Use free hosting only. When the money starts coming, take paid hosting.

Choose a proper Theme

Use a theme that is Neat and Clean for your blog. The clearer the theme of your blog, the further you will benefit from it. There are also two types of themes – free and paid. In the beginning, you should use the free theme only

Do not use crack theme at all, otherwise your blog or website may be hacked. When choosing a theme, keep in mind that the theme of your blog should also be responsive. Meaning if someone wants to run your blog on mobile, then he should not have any kind of trouble.

Create some static pages

Create the necessary page for your blog You must create 4 pages in your blog or else you will not be able to earn from your blog. These 4 pages are – 1. About Us – In this, you have to tell briefly about yourself and your blog. 2. Contact Us – In this, you have to give your contact details so that someone can contact you. 3. Privacy Policy – In this, you have to tell about the privacy policies of your blog. 4. Disclaimer – In this, you have to give your disclaimer details.

Write a post for your blog

Now you can start writing posts on your blog according to your topic. While writing the post, keep in mind that write the post in at least 700 words. Write in simple and easy language so that everyone can understand the information given by you. Do not copy-paste at all

SEO mechanism
optimization to get traffic on your site (Source Image-Pexels)

Do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your blog

SEO means Search Engine Optimization You must have noticed that when you search for something in Google, a lot of blogs or websites are opened. Out of them, we open only 2-3 websites. Let us leave the website below. This means that if your blog or website does not appear in the top three results, then it will not be of any importance
Increase your blog’s traffic

Sharing blog on social media
Sharing blog on social media to increase traffic (Source Image-Pexels)

To earn money from your blog, it is important that people come to your blog and read the information given in it. If you write your article well and do SEO well (Search Engine Optimization), then in 2 to 3 months, a lot of people will start coming to your blog.

If you want, you can also promote your blog. Apart from this, you can also share the articles of your blog on social media. This will bring more people to your blog. Meaning your blog traffic will increase. The more your blog traffic increases, the more you will earn.
Add Your Blog to Adsense or join any affiliate program of a merchant site. Before choosing a merchant site you should be careful about the products and services that site is providing. It should match with the content and niche of your blog.

One such merchant site is Fotocons. This is an online marketplace for Indian art and handicrafts. With the user-friendly Affiliate program, the company is giving a lucrative offer to the affiliates. If you are interested in promoting Indian art and handicrafts, you can sure try this affiliate program.

Fotocons Affiliate program

Hopefully by reading this article, you must have got the answers to your questions that how to earn money
from Blogging

If you still have any question, then you can ask us freely. We will definitely help you

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