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Will half of India’s population will be infected with the coronavirus?

Will half of India's population will be infected with the coronavirus?

India is currently in the Fifth phase of unlocking the previously imposed phase of lockdown. Now the fifth phase of lockdown is the Phase of unlocking down step by step

The situation of India about the Coronavirus right now is not a good one. India has overtaken China in the deaths due to coronavirus. In India, the death toll of coronavirus has exceeded 4 thousand

The first case of coronavirus in China was reported in December 2019 and the number of infected patients there is around 84 thousand. Whereas in India at present there are almost double cases than China. The number of coronavirus patients in India has been about 1 lakh 68 thousand.

Will the changes be permanent post coronavirus era?

The good news for India, in this case, is that the recovery rate of coronavirus patients in India is 42.88 per cent. In India, more than 70 thousand people infected with Coronavirus have completely recovered.

The condition of the four states in India is the worst. The first number is Maharashtra where more than 60 thousand cases have been reported. After this comes the number of Tamil Nadu, where the number of coronavirus patients is more than 20 thousand. Gujarat is at number three where more than 15 thousand people have been infected with the coronavirus. Delhi is at number four where more than 16 thousand people have been infected.

India is now at number 9 in the world in terms of the number of people infected. If the coronavirus cases continue to grow at this pace in India, then India will be left behind only by the US, Brazil, Russia, Britain, Spain and Italy in the next three to four days.

Now there is a debate among scientists and doctors as to when will the Coronavirus peak in India? The peak of any infection comes when the cases of infection reach the highest level and after that, the pace of infection starts to decrease.

Some scientists have predicted that the Coronavirus peak in India will come at the beginning of July. While the World Health Organization believes that coronavirus cases will start decreasing in India in late July.

Panic Will Destroy More Lives Than Coronavirus': SC Tells Govt to ...
panic will destroy more lives than corona

But the international rating agency Standard and Poor’s believes that the Coronavirus peak in India will not come before September and because of this, India’s economy will decline by 5 per cent next year. That is, from the perspective of health and economy, the people of India should be ready for a long struggle.

Doctors at the National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Sciences believe that after the fourth lockdown, cases of infection will increase more rapidly and India will go into a phase of community transmission. It is also estimated by this institute that by December this year half the population of India will have been infected with Coronavirus. That is, about 67 crore Indians will have got coronavirus infection by the end of the year.

However, the good thing will be that 90 per cent of these people will not even know that they have got coronavirus infection. Because most people do not show symptoms of this virus and only 5 per cent of people are admitted to the hospital in critical condition.

But if 5 per cent of the 67 crore people in India fell seriously ill, then this figure would be 3 crores 35 lakh, and if all these people had to be admitted to hospitals, are India’s healthcare facilities ready for it?

At present, one lakh thirty thousand hospital beds are available for the treatment of corona patients in India. But in the coming days, as the number of seriously ill patients will increase, hospital beds will start falling and in many states, it has started happening.

Source-DNA News

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