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Will the changes be permanent post coronavirus era?

Will this changes be permanent after corona era

Will the changes in life values observed ​​during the Corona epidemic be permanent even in AC(after corona )?
The coronavirus epidemic will end soon, but before leaving, this epidemic will change our lives and ways of living forever and this change has already begun. With these changes, you also have to bring the vital quality of your own honesty, because, without honesty, all these changes will prove to be just a hoax

Declining moral value
Declining Moral value giving an imbalance to the human mankind survival instinct

Just like after the coronavirus is over, a large number of people will work from home, a large number of students will study online, examinations will also be online. Teachers will take classes online. Meetings with office staff will also be online and you may have to visit ceremonies and religious places like weddings online, but you know whether you are doing office work honestly at home. How will it go
If students are not copying while studying at home and giving exams, how will it be detected? What is the scale of finding out how much reverence you have in mind about the temple, mosque, church or gurudwara you are visiting from home?

There is only one solution to this and that is your morality. Your ethics, combined with your honesty, will decide whether you will be a victim of fraud after escaping the coronavirus? Therefore today we will try to find the cure of this epidemic named dishonesty from the perspective of honesty and morality.

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There is a famous saying of English – honesty is the biggest and best policy, but will these things come out of the books and ever be a part of our life? We do big things like economic policy, education policy, health policy and foreign policy, but we have left the policy of honesty closed only in the books. You should understand it with the help of some examples and figures.

In a survey conducted by Ernst and Young in the year 2015, 3 out of every 5 companies in India admitted that they misrepresented their financial information. 60 per cent of the companies accepted this error in the account, while 66 per cent of the executives of these companies believed that their companies do not follow ethics and honesty.
In 2019, in a survey conducted by McAfee, 35 per cent of Indians believe that they have been cheated in the name of online discounts, this fraud increased to 60 per cent during the festive season. That is, the people of India also turn the holy occasion of festivals into a dishonest business. Whether you buy goods from a shop near home or shop online, you cannot avoid the dishonest disease spreading in society.

People who work all day in offices and claim that their work makes them tired and their office does not give them time to breathe. We have some figures for them as well. According to a survey conducted by Time Doctor, a software company that monitors the functioning of employees, employees waste 14 per cent of the time of office meetings by having unnecessary conversations among themselves.
After this, malfunction in computer and laptop during work is responsible for wasting 11 per cent of the time. Employees waste 11 per cent of their time in meetings through unnecessary debate or conversation, while 9 per cent of the time is wasted due to internet surfing. Now suppose that an employee works for 9 hours and he also wastes time in all these ways, then he can barely work honestly for only 3 hours a day.

Engaging with social media
Engaging with social media is a type of dishonesty with your office work

While working in the office, most of the employees spend 32 per cent of their time i.e. around two and a half hours on social media and this reduces productivity by 13 per cent. According to a recent survey, 99.8% of the employees working in the IT sector of India are not fit to work from home. That is, only 0.2 per cent of the employees in the IT sector are those who perform well even when they work from home.
95 per cent of the employees do not want to learn and understand anything new, while 71% of the employees neither have any plan nor do they know how they can do their work honestly even while away from the office. This is the situation when in India only about 50 lakh people work in the IT sector and its share in India’s GDP is 8 per cent. Now you can guess what will happen to the other areas.

Honesty and moral values
Honesty and moral values are true indication of any country’s prosperity

Only an honest student later becomes an honest businessman, industrialist, leader or employee, but in India, in the education sector too, honesty has become a mere bookish subject. In the year 2017, a survey conducted by an institution called Kessler International, 86 per cent of the students admitted that they had mimicked their school in some way. 54 per cent of the students justified copying.
97 per cent of the cheating students admitted that they were never caught while copying. 76 per cent of the students agreed to copy one word of another student’s assignment. 79% of the students admitted that they completed their assignments by copy-pasting the information found on the Internet. 28 per cent of the students also claimed that by taking online classes, they made someone else sit in their place.
72% of the students admitted that they have used devices such as mobile phones, tabs and laptops for cheating in examinations. Only 12 per cent of the students in this survey were such that it is unethical to copy. Now think about how to build a nation that is morally stable on the basis of only 12 per cent honest students.

You must have seen many times pictures from different states of the country where students are copying in a big way. In many places, by climbing the walls, students are caught copying slips from the windows, but this immorality of copying is not only among the students who go to the examination centres and take examinations.
Students who will take online classes and give online exams in future can also take the help of new methods of coping. Therefore, it is not just an examination to answer the questions correctly, but doing so without copying will be the real test.

Dishonesty in relationship
Dishonesty in relationships also a drawback

There is dishonesty between our relationships too
Not only in offices and school-colleges, but this dishonesty has come between our relationships as well. According to a survey conducted by a mobile phone application, 55 per cent of married men and women in India have cheated their spouses at least once in their lives. In this survey, 48 per cent of the married people of India admitted that it is not wrong to love anyone other than their spouse.
The definition of relationships has also started changing during the lockdown. People are now spending more time with each other, hence the conflict between people is also increasing. When you go to the office and claim to be busy during the day, no one can know what is going on in your mind and whether you are honest about your relationships or not but the Coronavirus has made these claims of false honesty The curtains have dropped and now people are cheating each other even while living under one roof

That is why we are saying that whether to study diligently and diligently, whether to do your work as an employee with full devotion or to maintain relationships without being dishonest. All this is possible only when you use the formula of honesty. The formula to fight the coronavirus can be made in laboratories, but the formula of honesty can be prepared only in the laboratory of ethics.

Morality and honesty is a panacea to defeat fraud and dishonesty.
For example, after the coronavirus, your honesty will become the key to save not only you but your entire society. If you hide the symptoms of the disease, lie about your travel history, then it will be the biggest dishonesty committed against the whole society and the whole country. And if you become honest, you will become an inspiration not only for your family but for the whole society.

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Honesty will be able to keep it at the forefront
These qualities of honesty will not come from surveillance by governments or agencies. For this, you have to install an ethics surveillance system inside you. Till honesty will not come across the world, our fight against such epidemics will be weak. It may be that for some time, dishonesty becomes a short cut of success for you, but in the end, only your honesty will keep you at the forefront of the race.
But in our country, pictures of lockdown violations and attacks on health workers show that while we are dishonest, we do not even want to follow morality.
This honesty will not come from surveillance and also from fear. Today, no person will even take a note of 2 thousand lying on the road, fearing that it may not get coronavirus, but this fear cannot purify your soul. The fear of losing a life in a road accident does not compel us to tie a seat belt like a helmet, but most people do so to avoid challans.

In a survey, 6 out of 10 Indians admitted that they had obtained their driving license without giving a test. 42 per cent admitted that they do not wear helmets while driving two-wheelers, while 63 per cent admitted not to wear seat belts while driving. It may be that this figure is more than this because even in these silently conducted surveys, how many people will honestly tell the truth, it is difficult to tell.
Has India always been a country of unscrupulous people?
Now the question is, has India always been a country of unscrupulous people? The answer is no. About 23 hundred years ago, a historian from Greece came to India. The name of this historian was Megasthenes. Magasthenis wrote in his book that truth and virtue are of great importance to the people of India and that the people of India consider honesty to be the greatest virtue,

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Magus Thenis also wrote in his book that the people of India did not lock their homes at that time because they had no fear of theft. Similarly, the great Buddhist saint Faxin, who came to India from China in the fifth century, also wrote about India that people here need to ask for justice on very rare occasions because the people of India follow morality. He also wrote that the roads of India are free from thieves and bandits.
People were honest in ancient India because then philosophers like Kautilya knew how corruption can make a society sick forever. Kautilya is also known as Chanakya and he believed that corruption spreads only when people are given a temptation to do it, but in today’s era, this temptation is not just for money. The greed of the likes on your social media can also be the reason for not feeling good at work.
One of the reasons behind this dishonesty is the socialism of India. India adopted socialism after independence. Its purpose was to uplift the poor and the weak, but red tape, bureaucracy and governmental methods of functioning also converted good ideas like socialism into the machinery of corruption.

You have to remember that even after the coronavirus there will be an era change. Just like today, we describe history based on the events that happened before the birth of Jesus and after the birth of Jesus, similarly, in the coming times we like BC ie Before Corona and AC ie After Corona Words can also be used. Through them, we will know what was the society before corona and society after a corona.
One thing is certain and that if you adopted dishonesty after Coronavirus, you might not die but because of your society and its faith in you will surely die, but if you walk on the path of honesty, then your presence will be eternal.

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