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7 Best Retail Skills that make you Good Sales Executive

7 best retail selling skills

Retail skill is the most sought-after skills for any business personnel. Without sales, no business can excel, and skilled sales associates are always a boon to it.

Being a mediator between business and customer, a good sales executive represents the company values in a better-enhanced way. He not only sells the product but also educates the customer and imparts him an unforgettable experience.

Retail skills are the skills that assist sales associates to sell their services and products effectively and promote customer satisfaction. A happy and content customer is an asset to our business. Enhancing these skills in our sales executives is thus significantly beneficial.

7 Best Retail Skills for Sales Executives

A good sales executive is an amalgamation of in-built sales skills and retail skills developed by practice. This article brings the details of these retail skills that can transform sales executives into their best version.

  1. Emphasise on Customers

Customers are the one whose satisfaction and retention reflects the growth of a business. Effective dealing with the customers is thus emphasised in retail skills.

Sales executives should keep a ‘Customer-First’ mind-set. Understanding their problems and providing appropriate solutions makes an impact on customers. Greeting nicely and handling them with politeness makes them more comfortable and helps in building trust.

  • Communication Skills

Dealing with a customer demands good communication skills. A sales executive represents an organisation and how he communicates helps in building relations with customers.

A knowledgeable person with a kind and patient approach, is always appreciated by the customers. Language doesn’t matter, but active listening and clear conversation always help.

A person with these qualities never fails to satisfy a customer.

  • Knowledge about Company and Product

To sell a product first step is to convince the customer about it. It requires a thorough knowledge of the features of the product and the objective of the company.

Sales executives should have all the answers to customer queries about the company and product both. By imparting the correct knowledge and by explaining the benefits of the product, one can convince a customer to a greater extent. A salesperson should deliver the details as if they are the company owner. It leaves a remarkable impression on the customer.

  • Technical Intelligence

In times, when every business is switching to the digital platform, technical knowledge is a must for every sales-executive.

With enhanced use of technology in all the areas, it is wise to be acquainted with the latest technical knowledge.

Giving presentations, showing the websites, dealing with the software, all this and more, has become a common feature of a business. Knowing about how to use computers, tablets, and other devices is a requisite for all employees. Being technical savvy is an advantage in sales.

  • Knowledge of Sales Process

Sales executives should have a piece of complete knowledge about the process of sales – right from customer handling to selling the product. How to maintain relations with the customer after product selling is also a part of the sales process, knowledge of which is essential.

A good sale executive uses all the steps of sales process efficiently and help in growing the business. He assesses himself for his strengths and weaknesses and believes in improving his individuality. (Check our video and blog made on ‘The Process of Sales’)

  • Time Management

In retail sales, time management is crucial. Handling multiple customers at the same time, demand pre-readiness, pre-planning and multi-tasking skills.

Sales executives need to remain prepared with all the knowledge like inventory checking, sales processing, and managing products simultaneously. Without managing these in advance, it is not easy to use time effectively with different customers.


  • Pay Attention to Details

In a multi-tasking environment, where many customers are waiting to get the desired product, executives need to pay attention to minute details.

They should know what exactly the customer is demanding. Paying attention to the details for which the customer is asking can make the sale successful.

These retail skills are essential areas by working on which sales executives can grow in their profession. By providing the knowledge and training of these skills to executives, retail owners can achieve customer satisfaction and retention. And in both cases, it eventually grows the business.

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