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Balanced lifestyle tips for office workers in corona era

Balanced lifestyle tips for work from home

Balanced lifestyle tips for office workers in corona era

Here are some important balanced lifestyle tips for an office worker now doing work from home in this Corona Era. You are a busy office worker who works in a multinational company. Now that this Corona epidemic has forced you to work from home, then these are some important lifestyle tips. You can avoid unnecessary stress and depression Separate your work life from your social and family life. .

Never brings your office work away from your desk

Keep office work space separated
Keep office work space separated from home space

Do not make the whole house an office

Never take your office work away from your desk to your home. Always keep in mind that if you want to complete any pending work then complete it on your desk. Dedicate the time you spend with your family and kids to the full 100 per cent. Now that in this lockdown time, our physical connection is cut off from our relatives and friends, but still, we spend our time talking to them on the phone and making video calls. You can connect through this, not only will you get rid of the feeling of loneliness, but your relationship will remain strong and strong.

Follow the rules
Follow the rules-Important balanced lifestyle tip for work from home

Follow some rules and organize yourself

The important thing is that in your lifestyle, keep a few rules regularly that will make you feel that your lifestyle is still the same as it used to be during regular office work. For example, keep the morning routine as if you have to go to the office. Waking up in the morning, being fresh, wearing your office Bali uniform, taking a little stroll, right in the balcony or in the courtyard, will give you an experience as if you have left for office. And yes a cup of coffee before starting your work.
And yes a cup of coffee before you start your work. And after the work is finished, wear your home dress, close your desktop or laptop and put the laptop in the bag.
A little break in the middle of work. Remember when you are in the office, how do you break between work, like your fellow employee jokingly laughs at you, or you go for a coffee break canteen With my endured staff.

well planned to do list
well planned to do list

Take a break

Now at work from home, it is not possible but yes, you must enter the alarm for a break of 5 minutes after every 25 minutes of work. You can take it for your breakfast, lunch, coffee, or just to get up from your chair to straighten your waist. And if not, listen to any song you like for at least 5 minutes, I promise you will get double the quality work.

Never use office phone in your family and personal time. In today’s era of technology, it becomes very difficult not to disturb the office mail, phone calls or SMS in your personal life after office hours. But yes there is a solution. Keep your personal phone separate and separate from the office, keep the office phone switched off while you are spending time with your family or kids.
Leave the office as you do it while you work from the office

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After office hours are over – get out of your office space. But make sure that you have switched off all office gears, cleaned the desks, kept the files as you please, wear comfortable clothes of the house and spend valuable time with your family and kids. Call friends, get your hobby Complete it like reading books, listening to music or any sports game that you like.

So, friends, there were some balanced lifestyle tips that can help you a little bit from the boredom of work from home to make the task a little more exciting and interesting.

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