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Is plasma therapy effective for corona treatment?

Plasma therapy
Is plasma therapy an effective remedy for corona treatment?

Research is underway to develop a vaccine that protects against corona infection worldwide, but it will take at least 18 months to arrive, which is a long time, so now scientists and researchers are looking for an alternative treatment for corona infection. One such option is Plasma Therapy. In many of its countries, clinical trials have been started on corona patients

In India too, the Indian Council of Medical Research, ie ICMR, has approved the treatment of corona patients through plasma therapy. This therapy has also been used on two patients of Corona in a private hospital in Delhi. In this context, know what is Plasma Therapy and how it can work in the treatment of corona patients.

patient getting plasma therapy
While the whole world is waiting for corona vaccine- a plasma therapy can be good news for critical patients

Plasma therapy
Patients who recover from an infection develop antibodies in their body. Anti-Body is the safety proteins produced in the Immune System of our body, which neutralize the bacteria and viruses that spread the disease. Plasma Therapy is the process of using these Anti-Bodies made in the body of a person recovering from an infection, in the treatment of other infected patients. With the help of the Anti-Bodies of a patient who is healthy through Plasma Therapy, the effect of the virus can be reduced in corona infected patients also.

When a patient is infected with a virus, anti-bodies are not formed in his body immediately. Due to which the condition of many patients becomes critical. In such a situation, the anti-bodies present in the body of the patient who has been cured of the infection are put into the body of the seriously ill patient through Plasma Therapy. Which improves the patient’s health. So now the question is what is the procedure of Plasma Therapy. We also explain this in easy words to you.

According to experts, anti-bodies can be taken from their body after 14 days of recovery. These antibodies in the blood of the patient are present only in Plasma. For this, blood is taken from the body of the cured patient, from which the plasma is removed, after which the remaining blood is put back into the body of the same person. This process is called apheresis (apheresis). Approximately 400 ml of Plasma is taken from a person’s body, while an infected patient needs to offer about 200 ml of Plasma ie two donated patients can be treated with one Donor’s Plasma.

Vaccine preparation
Many Major countries are trying hard to invent a vaccine to control this pandemic

Expert opinion
How effective can Plasma Therapy be in treating corona infected patients? Experts believe that plasma therapy can start improving the health of corona patients in 48 to 72 hours, but this therapy should be given only to patients whose infection has reached dangerous levels. .

Earlier, Plasma Therapy was also used in the treatment of epidemics like SARS (SARS), MERS (Mars) and H1N1. Therefore, experts are excited about its success in the treatment of coronavirus. Now after China, America, UK and South Korea, India has also been allowed to test Plasma Therapy in the treatment of corona patients.
An attempt has been made to treat Corona with Plasma Therapy at Max Hospital in Saket, Delhi. In which 50-year-old infected patient was given Plasma Therapy. Before starting the therapy, the patient was in need of Full Ventilator Support but now his health is improving and he is placed on 50 per cent Ventilator Support.

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At a time when Corona Vaccine is not yet available and is not expected to be available for about one to one and a half years, Plasma Therapy can be an alternative solution in the treatment of Corona patients. But this is not an alternative to Vaccine. According to experts, this is because the infected patient can be cured once through Plasma Therapy, but there is a possibility of re-infection, whereas the possibility of re-infection with Vaccine is very less.
This happens because anti-Bodies given to patients through Plasma Therapy remain active in their body for only three to four days. Whereas Vaccine, in the patient’s body, develops immunity against that infection forever.

Simply put, Vaccine is made to prevent infection of a disease, while Plasma Therapy is used only to treat an infected person. That is, Vaccine is the only remedy to prevent corona infection. Until Vaccine is created, the Corona virus can be controlled in only one way, that is Social Distancing. That is why it is said that the more distance you keep from others, the greater the risk of corona infection will be from you.

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